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Island of Bounty

by Ashkin - Competition Entry

Unfinished entry that I plan on continuing.
Arrow keys to move, X to fire arrows.

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Comments (archive)

jhauberg says ...

Doesn't look bad! It would have been nice if the arrows rotated to match the expected orientation as they traveled along their path :)

smn says ...

Looks cool and plays well. Looking forward for the whole thing!

InaVegt says ...

Works now, looks interesting, finish this!

shady1024 says ...

I would like to play the finished product. Excellent effort so far.

brandoncash says ...

I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at here. I think the arrow shooting is kind of cool (though they don't travel very far), but what else is there to do? If I walked too far left or right he just fell off the island, and then I had to reload to see if I was supposed to do something else.

pekuja says ...

I like the arrow shooting mechanic, and the little native dude looks cool. The island obviously looks very tiley. The opening fall is a bit confusing. I first thought I was sinking into water. There needs to be stuff on the foreground going past so that you can tell that you're falling.

Entar says ...

It's a nice start. Fun little dude and look and feel, and the arrow mechanic is good. Needs some work, but it's nice so far.

Endurion says ...

Good start, the block dude looks funny.
As of now there's just not much resembling a game, but could be made into something nice.

Hamumu says ...

I think this would've been cool finished, as the movement and shooting are good (nice implementation of the charge-fire). Nothing much going on as-is, but potential. Definitely your concept bit way too much off to chew. Three playables with assorted powers and upgrades? I even dropped the idea of leveling up my one character early on!

Morre says ...

As you are no doubt aware, this game is not currently in a state finished enough to make it last any longer period of time.

However, I think you've got a pretty cool arrow-firing mechanic. I could see this turning into a fun game with some additional work and a bunch of enemies to kill. :)

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

I fell off. I guess that's all there is. What's there looks cool, keep at it!

demonpants says ...

Well. Nice island. Not done, unfortunately. A good start.

Tozy says ...

I like how he leans when he jumps.

SonnyBone says ...

OOH. This could be fun! KEEP GOING PLEASE!

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