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Hungry for Island

by 31eee384 - Competition Entry

Shoot forks down at the islands to destroy them--that is your only goal. (Try to conserve forks if you want, plastic is an oil derivative you know!) Move the mouse around to move the crosshairs, and turn on your speakers for some fanfare and sounds effects! Press escape to quit, if you really want to.

There are six levels included. This game was originally intended to be so much more, but then, aren't most of these games? Anyways, have fun!

Started late Saturday, but I got it done! Made with glfw, FMOD, Code::Blocks, Photoshop, and Musagi + sfxr (thanks DrPetter!).

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Comments (archive)

PsySal says ...

Nicely done. I made it to level 4 I think.

- nice graphics, sound; doesn't really feel like anything is missing or wildly out-of-place.
- forks change colors
- forks actually have bits of island on them.
- somehow strangely satisfying

- mouse controls feels awkward. I like the rotating screen I think it just might work better with keyboards...! =)

Laksen says ...

Completed it in 352 forks. Started spamming forks at the last two levels. That was strangely amusing :P

increpare says ...

482 forks! turned into a mindless clickathon at the end.

I find your using the term 'submerged' to be interesting...

Hempuli says ...

This was very fun to play! It was really satisfying to see the forks take pieces of the islands. The targetting was quite awkward, though.

shady1024 says ...

Very dizzy now... Great idea and well executed. Would have like another element of some kind. After three islands I was a bit bored (not to mention full). I like the targeting. Without the spinning or the cross-hairs it would have been too easy.

philomory says ...

The audio is really awesome. Not much in the way of gameplay, really, but, I really dig the sound.

pekuja says ...

What a strange approach to the theme! Feels kinda WarioWare-ish to me. I also started button mashing after a few levels. It gets a bit boring. I finished at around 400 forks I think.
The controls are a little bit difficult because of the perspective and low mouse sensitivity (which I have maxed out in my OS so it's not just my system). It's also difficult when you can't see behind hills. Perhaps a higher point of view would be better?
The music was fun and chipper.

Spiridios says ...

I thought the controls were ok, just not nearly sensitive enough. While trying to get the mouse to move faster I confused your mouse handling code a bit, as the mouse froze up. Not sure what I did to get it working again (either waiting or moving the mouse wildly back and forth). I also would've liked to be able to move the window. Oh, that sounds so negative. I actually liked the game overall, played to completion in a 455 fork clickfest!

Endurion says ...


Only nitpick is the mouse control, it's moving... weirdly. Having the mouse follow the on screen cursor would probably be better.
Other than that, this is made of win!

Tozy says ...

Mouse control is perfect (maybe you changed it after the other coments), no problem with that.
At first i was like =) look at that fork with a piece of island!
Than I was like =( nothing new, the "take a piece of island" effect starts to fade.
But then I started to fork-rain and it was =D

Rolf says ...


cptalbertwesker says ...

A really quirky concept I love it! The game seems to run a little slow on my computer, but the rotating screen was really nice and you were almost pulled into the game, funniest game I've seen so far, absolutely inspired!

SonnyBone says ...

I wish this thing controlled better because DAMN is it ever unique. THANK YOU!

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