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Artifact Hunt

by allen - Competition Entry

Gave up on my original idea early and just thought I'd push out *something* since it was my first LD. After I gave up my original idea I wanted to make a survival treasure hunt score attack game, but I wasn't really a fan of how it was coming and just churned this out. Still learning, I'll do better next time! Oh, and for 2 hours I spent trying to make a tads3 game, for fun. I didn't submit it and just was an experiment for fun to take a break from the 3d work.

as for my real entry:
shift to run
mouse + wasd to move/look
F5 toggles full screen
m to mute sound
r to restart
escape to exit (press twice)

eat bananas, don't starve.
find artifacts

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Comments (archive)

negativegeforce says ...

good graphics. the burping was kinda funny. running around picking up floaty golden balls got kinda boring, but the pretty sky made it a bit enjoyable as I walked around, lol.

jhauberg says ...

Must have been a glitch in the unity engine on this machine, because everything looked way washed out, and occasionally the game would flash blue.

I really liked the tune, though.

increpare says ...

I .... got tired, eventually. I didn't explore too much, but for some reason I'm not feeling particularly calm right now - I got agitated after a couple of minutes and closed it. Hmm.

dock says ...

Congratulations on getting this together for submission. I was surprised that I could walk on water, and I found myself wanting to explore beneath the surface. Really loved the music!

refrag says ...

The music and scenery was very nice. The gameplay wasn't engaging and I got tired of the game before I got tired in the game. Still, you clearly have a talent for building atmosphere. Congrats on getting a submission together in time!

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Really very pretty graphics *and* sound (apart from the burp), especially in little details like the flying bird/s. Ultimately rather dull to play.

Jonny D says ...

Not much of a game, but the environment was pretty (especially when contrasted with the balls and bananas). The music was good except that the high pitches are a bit too sharp.

belbeeno says ...

You didn't pull any stops in the shaders department! The water and bloom look great, but I don't think my laptop can handle it...

dertom says ...

Yeah,...great atmosphere! You really created cool assets :D

SonnyBone says ...

Yup. Looked great. Not much to do, sadly.


pekuja says ...

Very pretty. Not that much substance though. The first time around I forgot to run, so I starved because there weren't enough bananas. The bananas should probably be more visible.

Tozy says ...

The graphics are nice, but mi computer can't run the game :(

Endurion says ...

Can't fairly vote as A) it's slow as molasses (1 FPS maybe) and B) there's only 4 square cm of non-blurry image in the center.
If that's what shaders are good for, fuck 'em to hell.

eli says ...

Not much in the way of gameplay. Love the shaded atmosphere, music went very well with it.

Congrats on your first, it's quite an impressive visual experience.

Entar says ...

Really nice graphics, good music, but sort of slow gameplay. This has some potential, with some other features, though. Also, nice belch.

Spiridios says ...

The music blended into the mood so well I didn't realize it was there. =p I was starting to run out of banana power before I decided that exploring was probably not a good idea and I just ran from island to island to get the golden orbs.

Diet Chugg says ...

Nice song. A little too hard on my laptop to handle however. Good job

Hempuli says ...

There's not much to do here, but the visuals are simply amazing!

Codexus says ...

I like the simplicity of it and the music goes very well with that to create the ambiance. But it's a bit empty.

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