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by kplbe - Competition Entry

This is a quite simple game about Pirates, a treasure, Robinson Crusoe
and an island.

Timelapse here:

The goal is very simple: Robinson Crusoe, alone on his island
has to protect his treasure form an army of pirates.

It is written in java, with lwjgl library. Graphic are made
with Inkscape and Gimp.


- Windows XP or later, Linux, may work on MacOS but not tested
- Java Runtime Environment 1.6 (may work with 1.5 but not tester)
- Opengl support (hardware or software)


- use arrows to move
- Space for hit
- Right control for BIG hit! (can be re-done only 10 seconds after using it)
- Echap for quit
- After game over you can quit by pressing "Echap" or restart by pressing "Space"


It is printed at the top of the screen. There is more and more
pirates and score grow faster and faster.


- On Linux: go to the directory with a shell and type "./"
- On windows: go to the directory whith a shell and type "pirates.bat"
- On MacOS: I don't know the exact command. If you are familiar with java
see the script content, and put native/macosx in the Java.library.path


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Comments (archive)

smn says ...

The sprites are ridiculously funny :D

dgfitch says ...

Hilarious art. For gameplay, I think it might help to have something drawing the player elsewhere, or else the optimal strategy becomes to just sit on the chest and attack.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Brilliant sprites. Gameplay balance seemed pretty good until you realise you can just sit on the treasure.

xeon06 says ...

Like others said, you can just sit on the chest and win. And smooth controls wouldn't have been that hard to do, either. Nice sprites though.

philomory says ...

The sprites are cute, I like them. Especially the way they fall apart when you hit them.

Endurion says ...

Nice art.
Nitpicks are the control with the keyboard delay and a bit more diversity with the enemies.
Other than that nice game.

jfroco says ...

Simple and good idea. Great sprites. I agree with comments regarding controls and having something drawing the player away from the chest, or the game is too easy.

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