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Horrible LD17 Game

by demize - Competition Entry

it's horrible :D

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Comments (archive)

shady1024 says ...

I think it's a great start.

Endurion says ...

It is horrible, but could actually make a good game if you invest more time.
Extra huge plus in community for organizing the torrent.

Stoney says ...

I think it could be a nice game with some better graphics, sound and more levels.

the31 says ...

I couldn't think of a strategy of placing the bombs without getting hit myself, although I did win by bravely running on top of the turrets and placing bombs.

Also, keep in mind next time to check out the background color--I think a simple blue might have helped a little bit.

Better than some Game Maker games I've seen though. :)

jfroco says ...

Good start. I hope you can make more levels and variety. It crashes when I won.

SonnyBone says ...

But at the same time, it was really addictive. I managed to get pretty good at it, and I'd love to see it expanded upon. I may even steal a couple of your ideas for a game I've been working on.


Diet Chugg says ...

Kill the islands is how I would describe this one. Oddly I found this game fun to play though. Not sure why.

demonpants says ...

I really didn't think this was bad, actually. Reminded me of typical plane shooters in terms of dodging insane numbers of bullets. It certainly could have used more levels and gameplay, but it's a good start.

Tozy says ...

It crashes when I won too.
Good idea, I'm shure you can do better.

cptalbertwesker says ...

I actually found this really fun, ashame you could disappear off the edge of the screen though, the game itself was simple and really enjoyable!

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