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Super Island Colonizer

by skintkingle - Competition Entry

If you have DirectX problems, before reporting, please ensure you have this installed:
I used Managed DX (DXSDK, not XNA), DirectSound, and Some WinAPI stuff (just for the Options window, to save some time.)
I wrote this up from an empty project, engine and all.

There is no pre-defined Win scinario.
You pick how you win from the "End Options" at the main menu, or you can pick a preset that i wrote into the game.

Have fun!

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Comments (archive)

Daz says ...

Broken link.

pubby8 says ...

Overall it was a neat idea, however I found it confusing switching between the two interface screens.
Nice sim.

NeiloGD says ...

Apparently I won :-) Nice little sim!

the31 says ...

Cool. A nicely balanced island simulation. I think it should start at a higher level than Cheetah, though, by default.

Nicely done.

Hempuli says ...

I got a very strange error message upon opening, which allowed me to try to continue by ignoring. Doing this made the game crash. It's hard to translate the contents of the error from Finnish.

Endurion says ...

Nice idea, but weird start. I had a boat and an island, but once I entered the island screen the boat was gone?
Anyhow, I won! Is there a challenge in there? I didn't play much further.

Riley Adams says ...

Didn't work :( here's the error (I did install the latest dX runtime):
" is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1)At: at Islands.AudioPlayer..ctor(Control ptr)
at Islands.Canvas.InitDevices()"

localcoder says ...

fun! I played through 'Cheetah' and 'Rabbit'. I quickly learned that managing food supplies was the key and spent most of my time making sure I had enough food to feed the growing population.

Nice music too.

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