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by Maple - Competition Entry


Arrow Keys move, f4 switches between fullscreen and windowed, f5 saves game, f9 takes screenshot.

Traverse the Island/s in the sky in search of the Golden Eggs. Use the upgrades to reach new places.

Please note that you are holding a gun but cannot use it because of the time restrictions. I had planned to make enemies and areas with water in them but fell short of time. My apologies.


Oh, also note: I was playing through it and I realised there's this one place you can get stuck.. I know I can't go back and edit it now, but I'm just letting y'all know that you should save often. And also, I lost count of the eggs when I was putting them there, thus the question mark, but I just played it through and there should be 147 mini eggs and 11 big eggs.

Holy crap I didn't realise >_______< ..sorry, and I've been trying to fix it but my Host-A seems to be screwing up so I've had to upload it to a different host but now you should be able to play it :3 ..and sorry for the download wait, stupid %&#@$@%#!!!

EDIT: Yeah, sorry about the download wait. I've uploaded it to MediaFire now and the download pop-up should pop up right away :D

Thanks for the comments ^w^

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Comments (archive)

zorbathut says ...

Your download link requires a password :)

rik says ...

This was a bit of a mission to download, but it's fairly nicely executed. I liked the super low res tiles. Horizontal movement seems to get jammed up every so often, and there's not much to the game yet, but the map is huge!

Hempuli says ...

I suggest using rapidshare - had me waiting 70 seconds! :D

With some improvements this could become a fairly cool game! ;)

arielsan says ...

Nice game, when I have upgraded jumps the game is more enjoyable. I didn't found any relation to islands.

Mstrp2ez says ...

It felt a bit like "just another platformer", but i liked it's feel and the graphics are alright.

Cooshinator says ...

Good job, nice graphics and sound effects, but I didn't like the lack of purpose. It was pretty fun though

philomory says ...

It's a good start, but there needs to be more to do, I think. The planned water and enemies would have been good, and/or power ups to let you reach places you couldn't before. Otherwise, a good start. Oh, I dig the pixely graphics, too.

fydo says ...

I was unable to locate the sourcecode for your game.

Tenoch says ...

Nothing really special, but platformer movements worked well.

SonnyBone says ...

Yeah, there just isn't much of a 'reason' to keep playing. And I feel like I've seen that player sprite before somewhere. Maybe I'm crazy.

Selkie says ...

It gives me too much lag, I can't play properly :(

Endurion says ...

Solid little game. There's some problem with the controls every now and then I have to release left/right and depress them again to gain full speed.
The map is effin' huge!
Still, it feels good to play.

jovoc says ...

mediafire download link isn't working for me :(

snowyowl says ...

Made a good first impression. It was, surprisingly, fairly easy to know what the powerups did (mostly through trial and error, but still).
However, there wasn't much reason for me to keep playing. The main problem is that it's an exploration game, but the new areas you discover look exactly like the old ones did. Collecting the eggs is fun, but once I had more than half of the small eggs, it became harder and harder to find more. There really wasn't much variety in this game (other than the powerups), and that's a shame. Having said that, it was very fun to begin with. It just goes downhill from there.
(Also, it never told me how to save my game, and I didn't think about it. So I eventually found the place where you can get stuck, and had to restart the game.)

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