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Island World

by moltanem2000 - Competition Entry

Finally finished this! unfortunately there will be no audio due to unexpected complications. So feel free to just N/a on that one :P anyways, here it is, Island World in all it's glory-ish ness! hopefully i lived up to your expectations as i know quite a few people were really looking forward to this!

Fixed after-death glitch
shortened day'n'night

I realise everyone's confused with the items, it was kinda a "didn't realise it was that hard because i made the game" moment, so here's the item costs, item descriptions pop-up by mousing over them in-game
-Dirt Pick-axe: 10 Dirt
-Axe: 5 Dirt 5 Stone
-Stone Pick-axe: 20 Wood 5 Stone
-Sword: 20 Wood 10 Stone 1 Ore
-Torch: 15 Wood 5 Ore
-Spring: 20 Stone

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Comments (archive)

Diet Chugg says ...

It would be cool to have a speed adjuster that would allow me to speed up night and day even faster. asides for that I can't think of anything else to add. Well made game fun to be able to collect power-ups and build your own world.

Mstrp2ez says ...

Fun game, i never understood how the underlying system for when you got what tool/weapon tought. The day/night cycle could be a bit shorter aswell. Really liked the intro!

Endurion says ...

Very interesting idea but somehow it was very hard for me to get into it. I didn't understand when I earned a new tool (do you need to gather different tiles?)

Also, I have no idea how to fight back actually. I didn't get the sword and don't know what to collect for that. A bit more details in the intro would've helped a lot.

philomory says ...

A clever little game with cute graphics and an amusing intro. Unfortunately, whenever nighttime rolled around and the screen got dark, performance for me dropped precipitously and the CPU spiked, which basically meant that when night approached I had to find a safe spot to stand and not move at all until morning. Which somewhat diminished my enjoyment, but overall it was still a good game. Rather difficult, but eventually you get the hang of it.

localcoder says ...

I liked collecting different materials and making things.

When I got to a pirate lair, I killed everyone and nothing happened - I didn't know what to do from there.

Also, when I got the sword I didn't know how to use it. I assumed I had to click on the pirates. It was only later that I noticed the tooltip that said to use shift.

Apart from that, I thought this was great. Especially the little lantern.

Tozy says ...

It was hard for me to figure out how to play at first. A tutorial would be great.

Hamumu says ...

This is super polished, and nobody ever has a big intro cutscene! I would say that really thoroughly explained the game, but once I played I had NO clue what was going on. I don't understand the other peoples' comments because they seemed to understand an awful lot more of it than I did. I read about shift, so I did get to sword some pirates, but other than that, all I could figure out how to do was vaporize as much as possible to obtain powerups (seemingly at random? I dunno), with which to vaporize more. Can the pirates ever be stopped? More seemed to come all the time, and night was extremely hard to deal with. Usually I just had to sit and wait because I couldn't see a thing where I happened to be when it switched.

But it's weird, because it's obviously quite cool and well-polished. I just can't figure out what the rules are.

SonnyBone says ...

SO RAD. But then I went into the pirate cave and could do NOTHING. The first jump as too large for me, and I was spawned on top of 3 pirates, and my supplies reset to 0 so I couldn't build anything to jump on, so I was totally stuck. The game needs a serious difficulty tweak early on, as there is no gradual build up to your totally embarrassing murdertality.

ondrew says ...

Very cute graphics, but finding out the rules even after the intro is a little too hard.

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