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by madk - Competition Entry

Coded in BlitzMax. Press F1 for help. Hover the pointer in the lower right corner of the screen to show the button for changing the difficulty. F5 switches between windowed and fullscreen modes.

Original is the game uploaded at the deadline.

Fixed is the latest version (appx. 2 days following deadline) with bugfixes, fixing of significant gameplay balance issues, and correction of AI behavior. (Though the difference in AI appears large from the outside, the difference in code is not significant, as most of it was already there and just not being used properly thanks to being tired and not having anyone available for playtesting.)

21 minutes after deadline: Bugfix; caused some items to become impossible to unlock

65 minutes after deadline: Fixed an issue where help messages did not always show up as intended.

20 hours after deadline: Heaps of bugfixes and a couple minor gameplay tweaks. Details:

24 hours after deadline: Corrected a couple more oddball AI issues.

25 hours after deadline: I think the AI is finally working correctly now. The AI takes up a huge portion of my code, so it's an absolute nightmare to debug, I tell you. I play it and I say, "Hold up a minute, it's supposed to be ____ing!" and I proceed to change a line or two. "Great, it's doing that now, but not ____!!" -- so exciting.

44 hours after deadline: Made a small AI tweak (it was previously ceasing to purchase more people once the population hit ~500, leading the player to an irritatingly easy victory) one item now costs $100 more as an improvement to balance, and fixed a typo in one of the help messages. Also, the easiest AI setting is now just a smidgen more difficult than before.

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Comments (archive)

Diet Chugg says ...

I found this game to be fun. Having the informational box is really nice to have too. Sometimes I wanted to do things faster and the game would not keep up with my clicking speed though. However it was a very good game, well balanced, liked being able to upgrade, however I'm still not sure exactly what gave you the upgrades. (I would like to know and since I would I think other players would too.)

Ai was a little weak. I would like to see different difficulties added in the future.

ickylevel says ...

I can't play it because my screen is a bit too small (can't see the menu) ! Sounds like galcon but with "upgrades".

Endurion says ...

Neat. Somehow it got pretty longish in between. I moved all my ships to destroy the enemies fleet and then resorted to building up. A speedup option would be a nice addition.
Love the weather effects!

pubby8 says ...

It was cool, however I had to click many times to do anything.

SonnyBone says ...

This is a neat little idea that you should keep working on. I had a decent amount of fun with it.

PsySal says ...

Something very strange is going on here with my mouse, the input lags badly. I'll not vote on it so that it doesn't affect your score. I did like what I could see, it was just impossible to control! Sorry! =)

Sophie Houlden says ...

overall I liked the game, even though I suck at it.

however whilst bug fixes are usually more or less ok if you have crashing issues or the game wont run for some people, when you get to the point where you are tweaking AI and other stuff after the deadline I think its going a bit too far. its supposed to be 48 hours and not 73 ;)

I'd keep a link to the updated version in your description but have the main links that go to the original version :)

recursor says ...

This is nice... quite nice. I've probably played this one longer than any other game so far.

Hempuli says ...

One of the most addicting entries I've played. The UI was a bit difficult to learn, I disliked the way you didn't select ships but islands instead. I had very much fun defeating the computer player!

Daz says ...

Looks like a fair fight to me:

Dzarg says ...

One of the best games here. I enjoyed this a lot.

Hamumu says ...

This is really good all around! There are definitely bugs (my first game the only thing I could unlock was the super battleship, but the second was much more interesting), and the clicking is horribly unresponsive, but aside from that it's really unique and pretty easy to understand and fun and whatever else would make it good.

One of the cooler surprises was that you actually took time to throw in random bonuses like the balloon and what I assume were evil air pirates (they hit the enemy island, lucky for me).

KavuDX says ...

Holy frigging pirates! The AI is just plain unfair, they go wherever I select jsut after I do it, and I can't cancel my ships travel routes...

Other than that, really fun game, wish it had a tutorial like mode.

demonpants says ...

Very well done - I played for quite a while. The only issue I really have with this is that there is just one strategy that can win against the computer from what I can tell. At the very beginning, take as many places as possible, then spam one population, make one ship to defend, and once you unlock the medical center just build it everywhere. By the time you have 500+ population on 4 planets there is no way to lose.

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