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Island Hopping

by Riley Adams - Competition Entry

The updated version includes double jumping now for a bit more reasonable difficulty (you can of course still download the original that was uploaded before the deadline). I still have a lot more tweaks to try but I have a sociology paper to write, so this will have to do until I get some more time.

IMPORTANT: While in mid-air, the direction you're looking affects your trajectory. So if you need to jump a bit further aim up, or if you're going to overshoot an island aim down. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I think (hope...) it's fairly intuitive. (in the updated version this effect is toned down a bit, but still present)

Okay, this is "Island Hopping", a first person platformer-ish thing (with islands!).

The goal is to jump from island to island getting as many points as possible without falling into the water (different islands give different points and there are also various powerups and bonuses).

The controls are simply mouse to look and space to jump (you automatically move forward in the direction the camera is looking). The islands are placed procedurally.

As time goes by your speed will increase and the islands will become further apart, higher difficulty modes accelerate this process (in addition to spawning smaller islands).

See the readme for more specific info.

Here's a video of it

Here's the timelapse:

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback so far! I'm definitely going to keep working on this for a couple weeks, so I'll tweak the difficulty a bit more, allow you to turn off the music (it is pretty repetitive...), add online high scores (I almost have this working right now...) and whatever else I can.

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Comments (archive)

AClockWorkLemon says ...

fun concept, and really quite addicting. nice work!

smn says ...

Fun concept indeed! The only problem I have with this game is interpreting the platforms as islands, but it works with some abstract thinking :3 Good stuff!

brian says ...

Very nice graphically, very clear what you're meant to do, just incredibly buggering hard to do so! Good fun but too hard due to the controls.

kplbe says ...

Very nice 3d graphics, very fun, a bit too hard. Good work for a 48 hours short time

madk says ...

Way too hard to get into. The learning curve is a cliff.

Daz says ...

You *really* gimped the jumping, and that's what killed the game for me. Not so much the aiming or timing, but the falling miserably short on every single platform I attempted... sad. My highest combo was a measly 4 islands.

Tenoch says ...

Very nice looking albeit simple. Pretty hard, though, and the first straight line is maybe a bit long, since we die and start over every 3 islands :)
Music is clean but a bit repetitive. Overall quite well polished.

Cooshinator says ...

Fun and addictive, but needed a smoother difficulty curve

Tyler says ...

Madly addicting. If you continue this, I would consider allowing players to use their own music

tembac says ...

Best game I tried so far. Really adictive!!!

eli says ...

TONS of fun!!!!!!

The music really got me in the mood, but it got old quick.

Great idea, having the different difficulty settings. I was able to master "Easy" before moving on.

Excellent work.

pekuja says ...

I played the original version, and while it was difficult, it was also a ton of fun. One of my favorite entries so far. The graphics are very simple, but they do their job very well. The music is repetitive but not annoying. What the game does sorely miss though is a high score table. Preferrably online high score table. I haven't played the double jump version yet, so maybe it's not that big of a deal there, but what I thought could had helped with the difficulty is if you had a minimap that you could refer to, especially for long jumps where you're staring at the sky. Frankly though, I think maybe you should limit the player's vision or just make looking up not do anything, because that's a bit of an annoying thing to have to do. My best score was 49700. I got close to that on other runs, but on that run I got a 4x multiplier followed by a decent combo, so I got lucky a bit.
Oh, I guess the game also really needs a tutorial. It's not obvious that you have to tilt your view to affect your jump height.
I hope you keep working on this. I'm going to download the double jump version now and play some more.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Default mouse sensitivity is way too low.
I find the jump control based on look angle to be frustrating since I have to look really high as a default so I am punished for looking where I am going.
Sometimes the sounds for hitting a grey island seem more rewarding than those for a green island.
One time I booted the game and couldn't see anything for some reason, probably my fault.
The game's keyhandler doesn't like my key remapping system so I had to use two keyboards to play the game - one for the enter key and one for the space bar. I'd recommend just using the space key for everything that currently uses enter (good idea, Codexus).
This is really close to being an awesome robot unicorn in 3d sort of thing.

Entar says ...

It's really fun, but I found it pretty hard, and I was playing on easy! Maybe start off with a slow tutorial level with instructions. Cool idea, would like to see this one continued.

Endurion says ...

Nice idea. Some jumps are pretty hard since you have no control over the jump length.
Also, please do not use space for jump. Depending on the keyboard the press registers too late quite often.
And the music is annoying ;)

Spiridios says ...

I like this game! It's neat that you can go for distance, score, or time. I was going for distance and made 408 meters on the original version before quitting for the night. I'll most likely play again later and possibly try out the "double-jump" version. I agree that a high-score feature is badly needed. Post-it notes stuck to the monitor with my last best distance doesn't seem to mesh graphically. Oh well. =p

Codexus says ...

It looks like it could be good but to me that was just frustrating. I really liked the concept and graphics and if I could play like in your video it would have been more enjoyable but the best I managed to do was 7 hops when I got lucky once.

And if only you could restart the game by pressing jump again, it would be more addictive but pressing return is annoying when you have the left hand on space and the right one on the mouse. (maybe you're a lefty?)

I think it would have been better with designed levels of increasing difficulty rather than generated content.

EDIT: Actually the game was more enjoyable after a good night's rest than it was on a Friday evening. Though changing the mouse sensitivity to 3 was necessary to hope not to die right away. Still the easy mode should actually be the insane one.

EDIT #2: It's actually an awesome game once you really get into it, I just made 70000 points (exactly). It seems making a high score requires some luck though, you need a 4x bonus and a good series of green islands following it.

shaktool says ...

Agreed that this game is way too hard, even after figuring out the jump behavior. However, it *is* inspiring. Maybe slow it down, crank up the default look sensitivity, and expand the field of view?

zdanielz says ...

very hard, very nice game.

allen says ...

So addicting. Arrrrrr. Every time I die I think to myself "ok..just one more try"

ends up making me spend my whole night on this thing!

jovoc says ...

Excellent game and nice to see more use of OGRE.

A few things kept it from really working for me. Most importantly, I think a 3rd person view would have worked much better, so you can really see how close to the edge you are. Also a shadow blob would help with that too.

The graphics were not really taking advantage of the capabilities of the engine. The grids and bright colors didn't look very polished (tho the water looked nice), it looked like placeholder art. Just a few minutes on some textures would have really payed off.

But overall, great work and very fun and playable for a 48 hour game. Great way to use the theme in gameplay, too.

cptalbertwesker says ...

Great game, really addictive and great concept, music is awesome, and suits the gameplay really well, is a little difficult at time, but the updated version is a lot easier to get into! Great game nuff said, congratulations

xeon06 says ...

Very fun game, reminded me a bit of Counter-Strike bunny hopping. Music got repetitive very quickly though. If you ever keep on working on this, I'd love a online high score.

SonnyBone says ...

OOH! Lotsa fun! I only wish your islands were less TRON and more... TRONPICAL.

Hempuli says ...

Great idea and implementation, apart from one thing - why do I jump with space and restart with Enter? Unintuitive.

IK1985 says ...

Became very addictive to me very quickly thanks :)

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