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The Forgotten Isles

by Tempest - Competition Entry

Use the arrow keys to explore the maze-covered islands.

You find yourself on a beach, unsure of how you arrived there, or why you're on this island. The terrain fades into existence as you explore, and disappears after you've left.

You're memories slowly slip away, being forgotten one by one. Find familar memories which have manifested themselves in physical form on the island to help restore your thoughts, and perhaps your sanity.

Finding a way off these islands may prove difficult, because of both the natural maze environment and the rehashed memories of how you came to be on the Forgotten Isles.

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Comments (archive)

jhauberg says ...

Pretty nice tune. I really liked the disappearing/appearing terrain obstacles too.

I found the controls weird to begin with, since the character would not move according to the camera's orientation.

Endurion says ...

More like a book than a game.
Navigating the maze was getting tedious near the end, also as others said: Why not move oriented towards the camera?

increpare says ...

AAaaah mazes.

Framerate on my laptop was quite low. up/down/left/right controls via isometric views are something I find awkward.

refrag says ...

I definitely like the minimalist art style you went for. The story was engaging. Some of the mazes were frustrating and it felt like trial and error to find the right path. Nice job!

AClockWorkLemon says ...

great game, however i found this extremely easy due to the fact that on the 2nd island, my 'memories' glitched up and got stuck at 45.

Jonny D says ...

The controls worked fine for me, I didn't hear audio though. The mazes were annoying and may be more interesting with better graphics. I did like the raising of 'memories' when I got to them.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

The maze navigation mechanic was pretty tedious, and didn't seem to fit that well in the game. Which is a shame, because some of the other stuff you did (the water, story bits etc.) was quite interesting.

Almost says ...

This was fairly impressive, if only for the fact that it seemed polished.
I liked the fact that the newer memories made me question the few memories that I had, although I was able to guess most of it after the third memory.
Some more variety in the type of objects within the maze would help to reduce the feel of wandering in a maze and more so wandering an island. (trees, not just bushes)

pekuja says ...

A nice way to tell a story. Gameplay was a pretty basic maze thing. I do agree with other commenters that the control should be relative to the camera. I do not mean think that you need to change the camera angle. Just change how the controls work. I do think if you work on this further, you should add something more than just the maze. Mazes can be a bit boring unless there's a lot of different things to see.
Some people commented on music, but I didn't hear any.

Tozy says ...

I like all the aspects on the game. The banishing objects, the moemories you find, the plot, the geometrical graphics, the maze, the memories being forgotten. The "water efect".
Good job.
I didn't hear music, does it have one?

Entar says ...

The feature of obstacles and water popping up as you got close was visually really cool, but odd for navigation. Also, the slanted camera made moving odd, but that may have been intended. Cool story :)

SonnyBone says ...

I love the terrain effects. Really puts you in the frame of mind of being stuck on an island and just wandering around, not knowing what's around the bend. Story was a nice touch, and the music worked very well.


hamburger says ...

I liked this! The FOV pop in is really nice. The story and tone I didn't find particularly compelling or interesting, but I guess it matched the gameplay. I didn't initially notice that my Memories meter was falling and that it refilled when I visited an interest point; some colors or sounds at these interest points would have helped.

Hamumu says ...

I liked the really simple look and play... people keep mentioning camera issues, I bet the camera was rotatable and I didn't even know. I liked it a lot not rotating, just with the default angle the whole time. I actually felt the memories gave me reason to keep on trucking. True that just trying to get through a maze wasn't very interesting, but the story worked to keep me wanting to find out. And thankfully, they were really easy mazes.

arielsan says ...

I like how the game tell the story to the player and the story, but I want more gameplay.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Maze + drowning + air from story morsels scattered through maze. Okay. The music really grated on me, especially because it was all there was to think about at times. The limited sight and dead ends made me feel like my chain was being yanked. I think I would have quit if I had ever ran out of the health (Although I honestly don't know if the memories are that), but after the first time I almost ran out I just kept trudging back to the last recovery point after every dead end. Think it would have been better to just make it linear like Judith rather than adding dead ends and a ticking health bar.

Riley Adams says ...

Cool art style, nice work!

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