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Island Defence

by ZomBuster - Competition Entry

Written in C++ with MSVC.

Graphics done in Photoshop, Audio recorded & edited with Audacity.

Uses SFML libraries.

Oh and video!

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Comments (archive)

Endurion says ...

Very solid, and awesome graphic style. It's too easy for my taste though, the island never got hit by anything.

Also nice touch to have hit enemies bounce each other off the screen.

Riley Adams says ...

I *love* the graphics, though I have to agree that it is a bit too easy.

SonnyBone says ...

OH MAN I love the way your water and splashes look.

philomory says ...

Absolutely wonderful sound effects. I laughed. Graphics are pretty nice, too.

Daz says ...

Well, it didn't run for me. I left it there where it had created a console window and was trying to create the main window, and it looked like it was trying to load so I left it alone for 5 minutes. Came back, and it still hadn't finished, so I killed it.

sirGustav says ...

I love the way the canonballs get extra speed when another ball hits it. Using this you can pretty much create a rapid-canon-gun by clicking as fast as you can...
I would love to see the final score in the game-over screen.. I think I got six-figures :)

someone says ...

Wow, that was great. Love the sound effects and the art.
A bit to slow/easy to play for very long though.

Entar says ...

The hand-drawn graphics style was very well done. The gameplay is a little too simplistic and easy, could use some polish, but the game is still fun. Nice job.

dertom says ...

Very nice! I liked the graphics, the sound, the game! :D Good job

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