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Simon Haigh's Pirates!

by Haighstrom - Competition Entry

The king has commanded you, a daring pirate, to gather gold for him.
He has given you 3 days to complete this mighty task.
You must slay monsters and other pirate ships in order to collect collect gold, and return to the king before time is up!


Arrow Keys: Move
Y/N/Enter: Selections
F4: Full Screen
Esc: Quit
Pageup: Speed game up (sometimes helpful for laptops)
Pagedown: Slow game down

See included .txt file for full instructions.


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Comments (archive)

Almost says ...

The "night" effect was very sudden and unexpected.
The gameplay seemed to be just traveling in circles looking for targets, no skill or strategy involved and it wasn't fast paced enough to be mindless fun.
Still, leveling up still has that mystical appeal, and getting stronger feels like an accomplishment.
I can't comment on the art if you didn't make it.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

I also found the "night" effect to be jarring. I found it fast paced enough to be "mindless" fun. Having enemies give the same amount of experience gain regardless of the level difference from the player was actually really good - otherwise the order in which viable targets were found would matter too much.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Uhh, well, LD is a solo competition, you're meant to do all the art and music yourself (even if it hurts!). So this doesn't fall within the spirit or the letter of the rules.

It's a shame though, because aside from that it is kinda cool.

Tyler says ...

There are a few flaws (generated monster/chests that can't be reached) but all in all it was a very good game. I would you continue this one, it could be a very good game once polished.

Endurion says ...

Could be quite nice if some of its flaws are mended: A tad to slow, a bit more challenge and diversity.
Right now you're mostly travelling about and looking for lower numbers.
Can't vote on graphics and audio.

Dzarg says ...

I enjoyed the game. The leveling up was fun and I managed to kill the ogre near the center and get 9240 gold in total. Still I think the game would need to have some sort of enemies which can actually hurt you or something like that. Maybe even a multiplayer real time version :)

hamburger says ...

I enjoyed this a lot - the basic mechanic is really fun and unique, like a statistical version of Katamari Damacy. :) Although the art and music are really good, please make your own stuff next time. :(

Hempuli says ...

I found the gameplay quite fun! It could be definitely made better with less running around, though. As others have said, this is a solo thing, so even though the musics are great, I guess I can't rate them.

Riley Adams says ...

Simple, but fun. Nice music/art also, but I can't rate you on it since you didn't do it :/

SonnyBone says ...

Rad music. You didn't make it, of course, but it's still rad.

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