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Island Rescue

by fydo - Competition Entry

UPDATE: Shortly after the compo ended, I updated the archive with a bugfix that solved some really annoying input problems and other small issues. I just checked the official torrent, and it has an older version there, so you may want to re-download it. Up to you, of course. :)
(It's only 1.3mb!)

How to Play

Run the game, then use the arrow keys and the Z key!

The Z key will select menu items, rotate pieces of
island, and allow you to go to the next level when you

The aim of the game to satisfy TWO goals:

-*- Clear the required number of lines (see the upper
right hand corner to see how many are left!)

-*- Bring your beloved villager to safe ground, marked
by the dotted line. So long as the villager is above
that line, you're good.

Enjoy the game immensely! :D

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Comments (archive)

allen says ...

very interesting take on tetris! Pretty addictive.

zorbathut says ...

Key issues fixed! :)

ickylevel says ...

Hey we have some concept here ! Not sure if it works well on the long run but it's an interesting idea.

skintkingle says ...

Very fun. I had to force myself to close it to continue onto another entry. I got my little dude stuck in a 1x1 block hole... and he just jumped out of it through stone..
Very fun game though.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

This has annoying similarities with a game I'm working on elsewhere >_<

Ah well, nice concept (but I would think so), loved the sound, good graphics, and pretty fun. Thumbs up!

I would say though that the two goals felt a bit contrary to each other, which gave the gameplay a faint dissonance I wasn't so keen on.

CapnRat says ...

Interesting idea. I did feel like I was fighting the mechanic most of the time though. Overall pretty great game!

refrag says ...

Very clever take on Tetris. Simple premise. Easy to pick up and lots of fun to play. Great stuff!

pekuja says ...

This game keeps making me angry. The villager keeps drowning himself. Totally not my fault! The controls are a bit slippery, which killed me a few times. Didn't make it past level four. I'm afraid I'll start breaking stuff if I try more.
Well, I think the fact that I got angry at the game is telling that it's actually kinda good. The graphics are pretty and the music is pretty good, although it gets a bit repetitive after a while. I think you might want to work on the controls a bit. I think it'd also be nice if the villager had a little bit of AI so that it doesn't drown itself when there's higher ground nearby.
I've been mostly trying to get the villager to high ground as quickly as I can, then trapping him and playing tetris above him. Probably not optimal, but saves me from worrying about the little prick.

Tozy says ...

Its hard. It would have been better with more space-time to maniobrate with the pieces.

Hempuli says ...

It was very hard for me, I couldn't think of a good way to save the villager at all.

Solid concept and good work. Nice musics, too.

tembac says ...

Nice game, but is very similar to a mode in tetris for wiiware.

eitherway is a fun game.

Endurion says ...

Nice tetris variant. Not too islandy but still good fun.

jfroco says ...

Great gameplay, I would have liked to turn pieces close to the borders. Excellent song, It's great to know that you played it. Congratulations.

hamburger says ...

Really interesting tetris variant! I find it really hard to wrap my head around it - I think partly because what the villager does isn't always intuitive, but also because the game's so unique. I'm going to spend more time playing this. Good work. :)

Riley Adams says ...

Cool (and fun) concept! I couldn't get it to run on my main computer (win7 64), but it ran on my secondary machine (xp 32).

demonpants says ...

I thought this was a good idea and pretty fun, but for me the mixing of genres got pretty frustrating. It felt doubly based on luck and barely based on skill.

sfernald says ...

cute and clever!

SonnyBone says ...


Game crashes on startup. Vista 64 bit.


I really wanna play this!

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