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a bridge too far

by hazman - Competition Entry

you are challenged to cross all bridges

but is it... a bridge too far

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

Um. This is impossible.


Haighstrom says ...

I could never return home... I burned my bridges.

psnake says ...

It's a nice little implementation of the Seven Bridges of Königsberg.

Cosine says ...

Small problem: It's impossible.

Hempuli says ...

I actually quite enjoyed this! Simple idea but fun to play.

philomory says ...

Interesting take on the theme. One small problem, it's possible to take the first step on a bridge and then go back the way you came, leading to odd results.

Tom 7 says ...

Even Euler knows this game can't be beat!

localcoder says ...

That's a bit mean :p

Jordan Magnuson says ...

For some reason I can't open the archive :(. Using 7zip, getting "cannot open file as archive." Tried downloading a couple of times.

arielsan says ...

Impossible game :D, lucky I read the comments.

Endurion says ...

Nah, having only one stage and then an impossible one, not too nice.

Diet Chugg says ...

I got stuck on a bridge... It didn't tell me I lost. Next time I played I slightly crossed all the bridges. Just didn't completely crossed them all. Does that count for the win? (It didn't tell I lost after all.)

smn says ...

Loved the idea. The movement is quite dodgy, tho.

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