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Traffic Island

by davecheesefish - Competition Entry

Control the shape of the islands to let traffic safely pass! Stop ships grounding on the beaches and cars from crashing into the sea to gain the highest score possible in 5 minutes.

NOTE: Requires DirectX 9 and the XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 to play. XNA is available free from

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Comments (archive)

TFernando says ...

This could be a neat variation for a typing practice program.

kplbe says ...

It's innovative, i've never seen that before. My score: -690

PsySal says ...

Wasn't able to run the game as it required DX9 for me! Doh! I'll refrain from voting so it won't affect your score... Good luck!

ExciteMike says ...

That was definitely different! I feel like there needs to be more to it, though. It got pretty tedious.

Hempuli says ...

Couldn't get this to run without crashing. :(

demonpants says ...

Okay, so I've had other people with Windows 7 and your version of Java run my game with no problems, so it's not that.

Have you been able to run OpenGL games before?

Can you email me at demonpants [at] ? Thanks very very much. I'd like everyone to be able to play Zombie Grinder. :-)

Looks like my PC doesn't have direct X, but I'll find one that'll work for your game, I swear.

fydo says ...

I haven't got XNA installed, but I did give you a rating for community.

Endurion says ...

A neat idea, innovative!
This could make a nice typing practice program.

Perrin says ...

Quite enjoyed the mechanic, very tricky and interesting. ^_^

Tozy says ...

It was really hard, and some times it was imposible to make bouth, cars and bouats to get to the other side.

SonnyBone says ...

Cool idea, but that red and white boat needs to hurry the hell up! I'M NOT GETTIN' ANY YOUNGER!


Rad innovation at play here.

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