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by shrt - Competition Entry

Tango is (almost) a game. Press <space> to command your squad of fighters towards the currently marked target.

You win the game when every target has been eradicated (well, you don't, but just pretend that you do!)

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Comments (archive)

Cosine says ...

(almost) fun.

Tenoch says ...

Erm, is that a game? =)
Looks okish though. Minimalistic.

pekuja says ...

So, I guess it's not actually a game. I think an interesting mechanic to add would be to have an option to make the fighters protect you from missiles. The camera is sometimes awkward. I do like the minimalist visual style.

Endurion says ...

Dang it, if you had added the possibility to get destroyed and selecting a target you'd had a game already.
Could be quite nice.

Dzarg says ...

Very nice concept, too bad the time ran out on you. Still I enjoyed the semi-interactive demo.

jovoc says ...

Cool idea, I wish it were more complete. Seems like it would be a lot of fun. Good use of the theme as well.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Some nice stuff here, but yeah, not a game, barely "almost". Bit overambitious I expect :(

SonnyBone says ...

Nice try. You ALMOST made it!

IK1985 says ...

I enjoyed playing it, camera went a bit funny at the end but not a bad effort for 48 hours.

Codexus says ...

Probably unfinished. An attempt at a Carrier Command type of game, maybe?

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