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Mad Hatter Island

by Devlin - Competition Entry

Knocked up in 2h for Ludum Dare 17.
Hasn't got any sound. (yeah I know)
It's short and sweet and is set on an island.


arrows+space = move
esc quits
f9 takes screenshot
it's completable but rather challenging :)

Source is included in the main zip

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Comments (archive)

Perrin says ...

For a 2 hour game it's a pretty good effort, could desperately use some in-level checkpoints.

NeiloGD says ...

Good effort for 2 hours, however it's pretty damned frustrating!

Almost says ...

My biggest complaint is that multiple hats do not stack like a tower.
Also, distance jumping off the edge of a platform is hard sometimes.

KavuDX says ...

Complete Hardcore Platform Action.
Very nice job for a 2 hour game!
I wish this was as easy as IWBTG...

Sophie Houlden says ...

pretty nice for 2 hours, and I really loved the character and the hats, but the platforming felt bad, not just because it was hard, I think it was hard because it was bad, I could be wrong but are you moving the character before checking for input? must have been many times I was running towards the edge of a platform and pressed space but I was already off the end. maybe the framerate was just so high I was just pressing jump after I was in the air, but it had me pressing jump too early to compensate and falling short landing in spikes :(

anyhoo, I'm probably being harsh for a 2h game, it was certainly pretty anyway :)

pekuja says ...

Jumping required pretty high precision. Could had used some leeway there. Also, I'm not sure this game had any islands in it. Still, a neat little platformer.

Hempuli says ...

Doesn't really represent the theme, but the platforming was fun for a few minutes.

Endurion says ...

Tough and quite good for 2 hours.
Using space to jump is mostly a bad idea. Space has the habit to not register if you want it to. I had tons of pressed but didn't jump moments. Maybe make the player a tad slower.

Entar says ...

What almost said. Nice hat. Also, when I played there was a blending issue, with black boxes around stuff.

hamburger says ...

An impressive amount of content for a 2-hour project. Not a very enjoyable experience for those of us who aren't platform lovers. I liked the main sprite.

Diet Chugg says ...

This game is hard. well done in 2 hours. Can't wait to see post compo if you decide to make one.

jovoc says ...

Fun, but a little simple (understood you only worked 2 hrs on it, impressive for that). Cute gfx.

Not sure how the island theme fit in. Would have like to see some kind of twist to the conventional platforming mechanic.

SonnyBone says ...

Not bad for 2 hrs.

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