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Pee Wee Pirates

by frosty - Competition Entry

- Gather as much Booty as possible over 3 voyages!
- Raid ships and hunt for hidden treasure!

(Full instructions on the web site.)



It's a little turn-based game that plays a bit like Minesweeper and forces you to make trade-offs to maximize your score.

I hope you like it!


Known Issues:

Sometimes the random placement of objects is too clustered together.

Tools Used:

Photoshop for graphics.

FL Studio for audio/music.

Code in Haxic - a BASIC dialect for ActionScript, compiled by HaXe.

It's alpha-quality, so I struggled with a lot of limitations, but overall I like the idea of it, and I did manage to complete something with it. =)

You can find it here:

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Comments (archive)

jhauberg says ...

Pretty fun.

Benn says ...

Real fun little game! :)

rik says ...

Great work!

jplur says ...

Nice to see so much fun from a tiny game, great tunes as well!

crackerblocks says ...

Loved it.

treeman says ...

Really good game. You followed the theme good, it was really fun and the tune fit perfectly.

The only thing was the slightly iffy goal, your task is to score as high as you can but somewhere it felt like it didn't matter as you had three runs and then it's over no matter what you do. An idea for the future is to make the levels harder and make it so that you can only go to the next if you enough bounty.

My favorite game so far!

Entar says ...

Arr, 4200 score! Fun little game with a catchy, piratey tune.

Jonny D says ...

A high booty table would be nice :)

refrag says ...

I quite enjoyed this. :) Fun gameplay and perfect audio. Great stuff!

allen says ...

Very fun, nice music. Addicting gameplay.

shawn42 says ...

5900! fun little game. I like the mix of being able to go on-foot to find booty. YAR!

brandoncash says ...

I really liked this one! My favorite part being that your moves are dictated by how much rum you have, of course...

I think the goal of just trying to get as much booty as possible in 3 short voyages could improved upon; something to make the game last longer! Definitely had fun anyway, though.

fydo says ...

Great game! Lots of fun trying to plan ahead to make sure you'll have enough rum to get booty and to the next town. :)

I found the input/movement a little slow, but I guess it's a ship. Can't expect them to go super fast, eh? :)

Almost says ...

Pretty cool. Treasure seemed hard to find. Maybe some indication of "there is treasure within 5 tiles of you but you don't know where it is"?

Endurion says ...

Nice game :)
Tough rum limit, but I managed to explore the full map on voyage one.
Solid fun!

Hempuli says ...

Simple, but very fun to play! If only controlling the ship was a bit more fluid!

SonnyBone says ...

Your computer on a cage rack is AWESOME. Your game is also AWESOME. Keep working on it! I wanna see this expanded!

brian says ...

Loved it, very complete, nice music, simple but deep mechanic, just wish it was longer, maybe with bigger maps and bigger distances between them or something along those lines.

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