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by bentosmile - Competition Entry

Short exploration maze type of game.

Find the boat to win!
If your heart vanishes, you get warped back to the last house you visited.
The more houses you find, the stronger your heart gets.
Arrow keys to move, escape to quit.

(No music, sorry.)

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

I always enjoy your art. And I'm sure you're very aware, but the game certainly needs a song or some ambient noise. I was also hoping to see her sail away at the end.


OH, and thar be some collision issues if you walk too close to the hedges, yarrrr.

Riley Adams says ...

Awesome art!

Endurion says ...

Aww, no ukulele :(
Looks lovely. Nothing too innovative but good short fun.

nutink says ...

Lovely game ^^ The only thing it missed was music. Add music and maybe a little *sniffle* sound effect when she cries and you'd have a perfect game.

Cosine says ...

Well, it looked nice, but it's really just a maze with a timer that resets when you go to certain areas.

roBurky says ...

Very cute.
I don't like it when the girl gets sad. :(

The mechanic of the timer length increasing as you find the houses works quite well. It ends up adding another puzzle element of having to figure out which houses are in your current range before you can go for the further ones.

belbeeno says ...

The sprites for this game are adorable, but for a game about exploration there wasn't much variance the longer you played. Maybe new islands have different colors and plants?

Side note, the link at the top doesn't work. I needed to go to to get it, but you probably knew that already.

eli says ...

I really want to play this game, but the download links lead to 404s.

Hempuli says ...

What eli said, 404'd. :(

Srekel says ...

Basically what cosine said. Not my type of game, really. Maybe because I didn't find the boat.

Stoney says ...

Neither the link from the description or comments worked, but fortunately the game is still in the LD17 torrent.
I like the game, but I always get stuck on those hedges.

Entar says ...

Good artwork. Not a particularly involved or innovative game, but it's good for what it is.

(On another note, since I don't know how else to contact you - have you tried playing my game in XP compatibility mode? Hop on IRC some time)

shaktool says ...

The link is broken. :(

Tozy says ...

File not found.

Diet Chugg says ...

website not finding the file could not play. Did give you community rating however.

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