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by youdonotexist - Competition Entry

Dev OS - OS X
Engine - Torque Game Builder
Art - GIMP + Harmony
Sound - Audacity + Resonance
Distractions - #ludumdare + SLEEP
Fuel - Caffeine + Pandora

For those wondering, art was made with:

WASD - Movement
Spacebar - Jump
Mouse - Click/Drag words or objects to solve puzzle
Esc - Restart

1. No^Man is inspired by Today I Die.
2. There are 3 areas with puzzles and a final area that ties off loose ends.
3. If you get stuck on the second puzzle, remember that you can drag words AND items. Also, the second puzzle only needs one word to be changed. Disregard the second red word. You Can't Always Fix A Broken Heart.
4. Don't jump into the the simple looking blue stuff or the simple looking red stuff. Those are water and lava respectively and both will kill you, Also Respectively.
5. Sure, you can cheat. But, you have to live with knowing that you've left the world as bad off as it was when you got there. Remember, No Man Is An Island.
6. Words can be dangerous. If you happen to hit your character with a word with enough force, it's entirely possible that he will clip through the earth and die. Keep This In Mind While You Are Playing.

I didn't have time to write code that returned you to the beginning when you fall, so if you happen to fall off, hit escape and start over. (Apologies ahead of time, will be adding checkpoints soon!)

Enjoy and thanks for playing!


youdonotexist (AT) gmail (DOT) com

with your OS and the console.log (located in the same folder as the executable) and I'll try to figure out the issue.

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Comments (archive)

shaktool says ...

The first puzzle was pretty good. Still trying to figure out the next one.

The art is really beautiful, I'm interested to learn how you created it.

sander says ...

First puzzle was best.

SonnyBone says ...

Kept crashing on me.

NGangst says ...

The art on this is fascinating I really like it it feels odly reminisant of something but I dont know what, my only issue is that it isnt allways obvious where the character could fall off the level, other than that everything else is really nice also love the ambiant music, it adds so much to the game, and the puzzles and level design are great

Cooshinator says ...

Great art, and nice ambient sounds, but first of all, it seemed too much insspired by Today I Die, and second, you can skip some puzzles by just holding a word, jumping on it, and using it as a movable platform, but otherwise, it was pretty well done.

Hempuli says ...

Today I Die? :)

I managed to push the character through the ground with the words. Nice puzzles.

Endurion says ...

The art is awesome, the first puzzle was quite easy to get, I cheated through the second one but did the next one again.
And then there was nowhere to go but the abyss...
Not sure if you're supposed to use a word as platform.

demonpants says ...

Pretty cool, I thought! The game gets big points for innovation and for graphics, and the puzzles were pretty smart too. I didn't find it terribly enjoyable because the puzzles seemed to be the type where you either get them or you don't - there was nothing to do when I was stuck. Still, this is definitely a good effort.

Tom 7 says ...

Really cool graphics! I don't know what to do in the second puzzle, and the temptation is too great to fly on words. :) There appears to be lots of clip regions that don't correspond to anything onscreen, which is pretty weird. Atmosphere is top notch, though.

Codexus says ...

mmm, I got the first puzzle after that i wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. It's possible to move by using the words on the character but is that a bug or a feature? Also the game doesn't restart when you die.
I liked the original look of the game.

someone says ...

The atmosphere of this game is incredible. The music and art style really go well with this game.
It took me a while to figure out the mechanics, but really enjoyed the game when I did.
The game fails badly in wine, had to force restart X.

philomory says ...

The art is fantastic, the idea behind the game is also neat. I was unable to solve the second puzzle; the best I could do was move the twig thing into a red area and it looked different, but whenever I let it go it would go back to where it came from. I got past it using a word as a platform.

Also, you mention sound using audacity, but, I didn't hear anything during gameplay, even with the volume way up.

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