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Evil Lair Command

by Spiridion - Competition Entry

Premise: Protect your island lair from those pesky government agents.

My first successfully completed (for some low value of success) Ludum Dare.

It's in javascript/html5/canvas, so you need a modern browser to play it. See for compatibility. In short, it works in the latest Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

I may add a link to an improved version at the URL above, but will obviously leave the LD17 version up unchanged... Unless it really does add your computer to a bot net (hint, attempt to play with javascript turned off or view the source).

notepad++, Gimp, Firebug, google (for figuring out how this javascript and canvas stuff works. It's been years since I wrote any javascript, and it certainly didn't have any of these weird-quasi-oop thingies in it)

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Comments (archive)

smn says ...

This thing is damn hard, Sir. :D Kudos for pulling it off in JavaScript + Canvas without previous experience with the latter!

increpare says ...

Touchpad hell! :P

refrag says ...

Amazing that this is done in Javascript+Canvas! The enemy ships are so tiny! It's awfully hard to click them in time! Still, major props in technical achievement. Well done.

sf17k says ...

Monotonous, certainly, but technically interesting. It seems that Firefox on Linux renders at 1.5 fps, and Chrome would rather drag the boat images than shoot the laser when I move the mouse too much, but those are browser issues.

brandoncash says ...

I applaud your use of canvas! Good to see that in use.
I also like the note about the lasers being infrared due to budget restrictions. :)

Tenoch says ...

A clicking-frenzy game like this requires mad sounds and visual effects :)
It seems that the difficulty wasn't increasing, so after 200 I got bored.
Could be turned into a fun little game though!

dertom says ...

I like the game... gj

SonnyBone says ...

A little extra visual polish / sound would really help this along... as well as some type of visual to go along with your attacks.


arif says ...

excellent javascript canvas platform indeed ! runs at 62 fps on linux firefox - and still as insanely difficult

Entar says ...

Pretty typical gameplay, but a complete and decent game. Worked great in Chrome.

Endurion says ...

Rather a technical experiment than a game :)
Nice feat to pull it off. It basically shows that HTML5 is not ready yet. And probably turns into a nitpick crapfest that CSS is.

Tozy says ...

46 FPS
When I click on a boat nothing happends! =(

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