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Zombie Island

by neilogd - Competition Entry

You're trapped on an island (or more so...a series of islands) and you must make your way to the other side of the island to escape! Avoid the zombies, or punch them into a bloody mess! Your choice!

Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to punch. What could be simpler!?

Hopefully the download link should be working now, let me know if it doesn't!

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Comments (archive)

Laksen says ...

Rapidshare doesn't want to let me download :/

zdanielz says ...

Can't download... :|
try zHsare, while not very good, it works.

Endurion says ...

The gliding after landing killed me quite often. I dig the arcade like display!

NGangst says ...

This is really cool, I love the animated trees and water, and yu get bonus points just for making a game called Zombie Island, and of course for mixing the two themes, my first issue though was the jump being "z" it seems a bit strange, and there wasnt really any suggestion of it, also it would be nice if I could kill the zombies(mabee you can but I cant seem to find a way), as there are times when they will be positioned so passing is impossible, really minor issues there, the rest is great, I also love the graphics style, and the splash screen is also great.

the31 says ...

Really neat. Smooth controls, and interesting graphics. One time there was a zombie stuck on top of a wall, though, and i couldn't get past--especially with their instant kills. Death screen was awesome though. :)

jfroco says ...

Good graphic effect!! Simple gameplay and fun. It reminded me old classic arcade games.
* You can kill zombies, they have to be close to you.

Hempuli says ...

Great fun! The movement was funnily retro, and the graphical style stuck me as very cool (perhaps a bit amateurish in the sprites, but the impact added by the noise makes it up very well)!

Diet Chugg says ...

I love the fuzzy feeling it sends me back to the days of arcades. Thanks for the fun.

eli says ...

nice retro feel =)
Would have liked some air control.

philomory says ...

Cute graphics, they work really well for the game. Sound ain't bad either, though there could be more of it. Unfortunately, I found the player's punch ability to be next to useless, taking some of the fun out of the game. Nevertheless, a good start.

SonnyBone says ...

OH MAH, what a totally USELESS punch that guy has. lol
But I dig the sounds and the look. I'm not getting much out of your interpretation of the theme, though. But hey, it's still pretty neat. MAKE THE ATTACK MORE USEFUL AND GIVE US WEAPON POWERUPS AND MAKE THE ENEMIES A BIT TOUGHER AND WE'VE GOT US A RAD GAME!

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