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the Traveling Salesman Problem

by sirGustav - Competition Entry

Oh noes! Your dad was kidnapped by pirates, find them and save him. Be sure to collect enough money so that he wants to be saved.

Controls: (rewritten.. thanks to Spiridion!)
* Use arrows to move
* left mouse button to slash your trusty sword, and
* mouse to look (controls the direction of your attack).

* When killed by pirates, click your blood to restart.

* Pirates are after your money and life, kill them and take their savings
* Earn plenty of money by collecting goods (stars) from people and deliver them to shops

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Comments (archive)

Diet Chugg says ...

That was interesting. Kill the Pirates!
Would of loved to see some music in the game. Liked the sound effects however.

philomory says ...

Seems kinda buggy... the pirates get stuck on each other and the game lags after a while. A good start, if it were polished up more, though.

SonnyBone says ...

I didn't know I could grab the yellow coins that make up the arrows until like 10 minutes in.

Tenoch says ...

Oah, the movement is super slow. Too bad the cute graphics didn't extend to the shores.

Spiridios says ...

Not sure what "mouse to look" was supposed to do, all I could get the mouse to do was swing my sword. Also, when mousing and keyboarding, it might be easier to use WASD (unless you mouse lefty), as it's awkward to use the arrow keys with the left hand.

xeon06 says ...

One hit deaths aren't very cool, although this has been criticized for my own game too :S

eli says ...

It is kind of hard to "Avoid pirates!" when they spawn endlessly from a hole in the ground. I was hoping the endless spawn would make up for the simplistic AI, but it turned out to simply overwhelm me with pirates.

The one-hit death was especially fatal to gameplay, because of the collection mechanic I had to redo from zero.

Hard to see where the "Islands" theme came into play, as walking on the water seems to be standard among pirates and your player.

On the other hand, I did like the mouse-direction attack and the sounds.

Perrin says ...

Seemed fairly basic but was fun enough.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Too hard. Died from pirate. Died from pirate I had already killed? Died from pirate that sprouted from where I had just killed a pirate?!

demonpants says ...

It was pretty fun, but could use a lot of work. I had $1600 and had killed at least 30 pirates and then all of a sudden one of them managed to hit me and I was instantly dead. That means I stop playing.

ondrew says ...

The game is a little slow and I was hoping for some more travelling salesman problem solving :)

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