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Voyage for the Queen

by Serilyn - Competition Entry

Voyage for the Queen requires Silverlight 3. It may work with Moonlight on Linux but is untested as of yet.

Important: If you are playing the original version and the queen asks you to get her 5000 gold coins reload. You will never finish!

The premise is that you are a ship captain that the Queen tasks to get a certain number of items (It is random). You must sail between the islands to obtain the requested number of items to win the game. Pirates will attempt to steal your cargo so you must also stock cannons and swords to fight them with.

There is a strategy guide posted here:

The game was written using Visual Studio and Silverlight. It is using the WriteableBitmapEx library for blitting. Photoshop was used for the graphics.

The bugfix version has the following fixes. The original is also in a link above for the purists:

*Pirates who manage to get through both cannon and sword defenses will now steal all your stuff rather than just saying they did.
*The queen will now not select coins or cannons for the quest as they were problematic.
*Pirates can no longer show up with negative number of swords and cannons.
*Removed exploit where player could get out of a pirate battle by hitting the X on the window.

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Comments (archive)

increpare says ...

Oh dear, a trading game : ( It looks okay, and feels okay, but I those trading screens make me feel a little nauseous. I guess in general one has to be careful when making games like these. I don't want to post something so negative, but I figure it's better to say something than to not. I won't give you a score in innovation/overall, because I haven't played too much of it.

fydo says ...

I was unable to locate the sourcecode for your entry.

zez says ...

... ugh.
Okay, here goes.
The Good - umm... not that many people made trading games? Everything worked fine. The pictures of people where kinda cute.
The bad - clunky controls, boring as hell to play.
The Ugly - spritework. Lack of audio. Total lack of innovation.

It should be noted that Im not really that into trading games, so this review may be unnecessarily brutal. I also got frustrated by silverlight crashing my computer on install, but thats not really your fault (although it definitely made me a little aggravated by the time I started playing this.)

pekuja says ...

I stopped playing when pirates hit my ship. First I was happy because they didn't took my bananas, which I was gathering, but then I went to resupply at the Queen's castle and lost all my bananas. I mean, the game did warn me, but I figured since the pirates didn't take the bananas, the Queen's resupply wouldn't either. I wish I could had just dropped off the bananas I had and continued getting the rest.
I think the game also needs a compass or a map to help you find the Queen again. I managed to find her, but I wasn't sure I was going the right way until I did.
Basically though, fun basic trading game.

Tozy says ...

I had a good time playing and i manage to collect the 83 holy spices. LOL
Its kinda... relaistic, inmersive... somthing.

Laksen says ...

Nice game. The pirates were too hard to beat though

SonnyBone says ...

This did a pretty good job of keeping me entertained up until the pirates looted everything I had. That kinda sucked. lol

Great use of theme!

Endurion says ...

Nice implementation. Maybe the first task should be a lower number of items to get accustomed to the game.
I had to go around the map quite much and got maybe 50% of what I needed.
A bit more control of the sheep would also be nice, at least diagonal. And sound/music!

hamburger says ...

Overall an interesting attempt, though it's hard to make a game like this work. My biggest problem was I didn't know if different people offer different prices for things; am I supposed to keep my own spreadsheet and map tracking prices? On the other hand, if the game told me outright which prices are high and low, that would kill any challenge. In any case I ended up sort of bored and listless, not knowing whether I was playing it right or not.

shady1024 says ...

Good job on the GUI. It has a very clean look and feel.

Hempuli says ...

For some reason, Silverlight doesn't seem to load properly on my computer, even after I got the newest version.

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