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i thought we had a thing

by localcoder - Competition Entry

Made in Flash|ActionScript using FlashDevelop and No sound.

Frameworks: Box2D, some code from my previous LD games.

Click on the game once to get focus, then use the arrow keys to move and the '1' key as directed.


If you complete all of the quests, the yellow pointer will disappear. That's the end of the game. Congratulations! You are a winner.


This game is lacking in gameplay. I never found something fun for the player to do, so I would love to hear your suggestions. Most of my time went into the quest system.

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Comments (archive)

dgfitch says ...

That's not a coconut, that's a bowling ball! But seriously, I think you could make the quest deliveries more interesting by adding time limits, more obstacles, or actual limits on trying not to "damage" the items you're transporting.

jhauberg says ...

Good little quickie.

I agree with dgfitch that some constraint parameters would have worked well for the quests. Also, adding some incentive to find/finish quests would be worthwhile.

Srekel says ...

Like the idea, and the boat physics felt pretty fun, but as you say, it needs more things. Just a quest like "OMG my dog has lupus, I need you to go to Doctor X and get me the cure within 30 seconds!!!" would've been fun.

ZomBuster says ...

Mouse-wall haha

increpare says ...

fetch fetch fetch fetch fetch fetch win!

dock says ...

I liked the dialogue, and the boat controls are really nice. I did find myself wanting to do more types of quest, or to have some decision making. The text and characters make this much more interesting though.

refrag says ...

omg she's so needy. You should map "2" to slap her. I had a good time fetching the items and unraveling the story. Very cute. :)

jplur says ...

Surprisingly entertaining.

Diet Chugg says ...

So uhhh objective? it's to make her not complain right? Sadly enough even when you get her all the stuff she still wants more animals... :) this game is pretty funny.

Draknek says ...

Dialogue was entertaining, especially Sarah's first response.

Endurion says ...

For some reason it's kinda fun doing the fetch quests to progress the story. Strew in some challenges and you have a nice little game there.

Entar says ...

Maybe weave in a mysterious backstory or something. Also, it needs some time limits or enemies or -something- to make it more than going back and forth, which is eventually repetitive.

jovoc says ...

Surprisingly deep and hilarious. "I'm moving to the city to be an actor." heh.

Would have liked to see this fleshed out a bit more, and just a little more work on the gfx could have greatly improved it. Also needed more obstacles for the player, as it was there wasn't really much to stop you from succeeding other than getting tired of the errands.

Would have liked to see sarah's projects get more and more cruel and demented, and really force the player to start making choices about their complicity in her actions.

Perrin says ...

Enjoyed getting to know the character, shame you didn't develop it a little more.

Tom 7 says ...

I actually did have fun driving around (mostly trying to do it really quickly, drifting into my parking spot) and meeting the characters, even though the gameplay is pretty simplistic. Control is very smooth. Suggestions for more fun: Timed quests, upgrades for the boat, some place to push those boxes, some kind of conflict and resolution.

Tozy says ...

Well... it laks a background story. It would have been nice if you had puted some alternate endings, depending in wich quest you do and wich you leave for latter. Better graphics too.

SonnyBone says ...

Kinda neat, but in the end I wanted to throw Sarah in the ocean and run over her face repeatedly with my outboard motor.


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