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Capsize! feat Rep. Johnson vs. DJ Admiral

by philomory - Competition Entry

Running the game:
OS X: Just double-click Capsize!.app
Windows: Double-click Capsize!.bat

Linux/Source: You'll need to get the dependencies yourself, sorry. First, have ruby and rubygems, then:
gem install gosu
gem install chipmunk-ffi

Download and install chipmunk:

Then, cd into the game's folder, and:
ruby LD17.rb


This game, which was inspired by recent comments made by a certain Congressman on the House Armed Services Committee, does not reflect any particular political beliefs, other than perhaps the belief that people sometimes say really, really dumb things. About islands.


The object is to keep the island of Guam from capsizing for as long as possible. You accumulate points over time - more points the more stuff is on the island. Stuff will be air dropped whether you like it or not; you can call in a new building by left-clicking, or a soldier by right-clicking. You lose points if a soldier drowns, and the game ends when the island capsizes.

Wish List:

There was supposed to be more, like ordering soldiers to build or destroy buildings, or build flotation devices, but, I couldn't get there in time. There was also supposed to be a song, but I didn't allot enough time to learn to use GarageBand - if you sit at the title screen long enough, you can hear some of the samples I was going to use.

Known Bugs:
There's a bug with the soldiers where when they drown, they still move around, oops. This can lead to them 'drowning' over and over again, and you losing points for it each time. Ah, well.

Left click drops a building, right click a soldier. Escape quits


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Comments (archive)

ickylevel says ...

WTF even with the instruction I can't figure what to do. Left and right click ? I can't guess if I do anything. Are the things dropped from air mine ?

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Hah, well, it amused me :)

Hempuli says ...

F-Secure blocked it as a "suspicious program". Probably a false positive, but could you ensure this?

eli says ...

Hey, a Ruby entry! Good work!

I enjoyed the concept. One of the voice samples kept repeating (I guess it was the bug you mentioned about the soldiers failing to die), which got a bit annoying.

Something was lagging heavily in the mouse click detection, and a soldier/building was launched only after a second or two.

Endurion says ...

A balancing game, neat :) Somebody should've remade Arctic Shipwreck.

It's obvious there are a few elements missing, as for now you can just try to keep balance until the island is too heavy. And now I know what capsize means.
Also, some of my clicks didn't seem to spawn any air drop.

You'd need a way to lighten things again.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Glad I finally got it to run because it's the funniest I've played yet! Game is kinda unplayable, though.

KavuDX says ...

"It will tip over... It will tip over... It will tip over..."
Argh, that annoyed me a lot...

Didn't understand much the concept of the game, the island "capsized" when it got to a really small angle, I though I had to realy turn everything around...

Also, the introduction skipped a time or two, even when I didn't press anything...

demonpants says ...

Uh, seems like the gameplay mechanic is to put stuff on the island. And the goal is to keep the island from sinking. So... the more you actually play the game, the faster to lose? I mashed buttons the first time to get a bunch of crap to fall on the planet (evenly so it wasn't tipping left or right) and then it just sunk without tipping. No idea what I'm actually supposed to be doing.

SonnyBone says ...


ondrew says ...

That quote is hilarious, but against the rules :).

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