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by recursor - Competition Entry

You are stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean with angry natives who are out to get you. Find the hatchet, chop down big bamboo trees and start a fire in the fire pit to survive the night. How many natives can you kill? How many days can you survive? Dying at least once might be interesting.

-If you do not get a fire going before night, the natives will instantly kill you!

Hint: the hatchet is up and to the left a bit

Note 1: Even with a fire going the natives will attack you, but the chance of attack decrease.

Note 2: The game does not currently restart when you die as I did not have time to get that in. For now just hit refresh on your browser. *fixed*

Note 3: I am aware that occasionally when throwing spears, your character will occasionally get hit by them.

Note 4: I had a bunch more trees and some grass, but for some reason when I went for the final build, Unity killed all my extra trees and the grass was not responding to the lighting correctly. *fixed except for grass*

I may rework note 1 in some manner - just not sure yet.

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Comments (archive)

Ashkin says ...

This sadly seems to have a number of bugs. The natives didn't seem to be afraid of the fire in the least, and when I died, the game didn't restart.

Stoney says ...

I would like to restart the game after I die as well.
Once, when I fired a spear the character was catapulted out of the map

I like the graphics style.

skintkingle says ...

Interesting game.. I didnt like it too much but that's just my personal opinion. i liked the graphics. but a smooth terrain with blocky objects made it a bit odd for me.
Quite funny, the singing at least. :P.

increpare says ...

Aiming is hard!

Took me a couple of restarts to find the axe...

refrag says ...

Holy crap they killed me so fast! I didn't stand a chance!

Tenoch says ...

Mmm, i agree with the others. Death is swift and mercyless in this game. Funny graphics, but the environment is quite empty. Feels desolated.

Endurion says ...

Aww, dang, I got killed because I strayed too far from the fire. But there was no more bamboo near the fire :(
Nice idea with a few flaws in the gameplay, combine that with different materials and more items to make and it's a show!

Hamumu says ...

I really liked the waving of the palm trees when I noticed. This is pretty cool in a weird sort of way, it's like retromodern. I never actually survived the night, but mainly because my attention span wandered and I watched the TV a bit. It does make you wait quite a while after you have your fire ready. Could be nice to force night to begin as soon as you get the fire ready. I realize if I had survived, it would've gotten notably harder on future days with the more distant bamboo. A bit odd that you can waltz right through palm trees, by the way.

shady1024 says ...

reminds me of pitfall.

demonpants says ...

I thought this game had really really cool ambience, but the actual gameplay has a lot of very big flaws. I built a fire but it didn't seem to do anything except keeping me from getting insta-killed, when the islanders finally came I was able to throw spears (after spending a long time figuring out how), but threw them so slowly that I couldn't defeat the onslaught of islanders coming. So there was no way not to die, and the whole insta-death thing is very frustrating.

Perrin says ...

I found this a bit too tricky but it looked like you were going in an interesting direction. Right now though just a little too frustrating.

SonnyBone says ...

Lol this is hard as crap. I thought the fire pit was the big hole in the ground but nothing every happened. I'm guessing that wasn't it? I laughed at the native sound, though.

Tozy says ...

Gamplay is not perfect but it's good. The ambience in the other hand is very well done: the 3D graphics, the sounds, everything.

drakfyre says ...

I like the sound effects, and I like that the trees and character and stuff are all 2d in a smooth 3d world.

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