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Island Balance

by pekuja - Competition Entry

This game was made as a Glorious Trainwreck in the last two hours of LD17 using Unity 3D. Sound effects made with Sfxr, music with Musagi, textures with Paint.Net.

Your goal is to roll a ball as far as you can across rickety platforms in the water without falling in. You have to move quickly, because the platforms will tip over.

Here's my timelapse video:

WASD or arrow keys to move, Spacebar to jump.

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Comments (archive)

Stoney says ...

For being made in just two hours it's pretty nice. But I would like to see your other strategy game finished. I enjoyed the prototype you uploaded.

Hempuli says ...

Haha, You should totally tell about the jump button! ;D Quite fun, but indeed, requires more meat.

shockedfrog says ...

Jump button very rarely chooses to work in the Windows version for some reason. The web one works quite well though. Got as far as 114, is there a max possible score/'end'?

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Hah, well it was quite amusing, and certainly pretty great for a two hour trainwreck style thing. As so often with physics-y based things the simulation causes the gameplay to suffer significantly. It's just too hard to predict the causes+reactions to get all that much fun from it.

Cooshinator says ...

Wow, it's actually pretty fun for being made in two hours. But, a bit too frustrating.

philomory says ...

Like it's namesake the trainwreck, you can't look away. Oddly compelling for a two hour game, but, I'd still like to see the entry you had been planning to do, fleshed out.

pwnmonkey says ...

I really enjoyed that, great job.
And only 2 hours?!

Sophie Houlden says ...

well for 2 hours its definitely something, and is interesting in some ways but I couldnt find a place where I enjoyed playing it I'm afraid ^_^;

eli says ...

Obviously a great game for only 2 hours. Very impressive, good idea and mechanic, even with music (despite being repetitive).

Hoping to see a stronger entry next time.

localcoder says ...

I think that with some more control and difficulty tweaking this trainwreck would be a really good game.

I tried your last RTS build too. It looked good. I know what you mean about getting paralysed because you want to do something with the game but you know it can't be finished in time.

PsySal says ...

Cool but... Yearrrgh! The spacebar often fails to jump for me! Other than that I like it. Might be more fun if the ball was bouncier/lighter/faster...

Endurion says ...

Really good for two hours.
The controls are rough (Web), you basically have to jump yourself to speed when starting out. The ball speeds up too slow. If you just roll you sink.

Entar says ...

Friggin hard, but neat idea. Could use some polish, but good. Nice music :)

demonpants says ...

Pretty fun little diversion - good work for two hours. I enjoyed it.

dertom says ...

I like it very much! And even it was that simple it was very challanging. Ok the music is still killing my brain, but the game was excellent. Nevertheless I didn't get more than 60 points... Maybe later :D

ondrew says ...

Pretty fun. I would have liked it even if it was done in 48 hours.

SonnyBone says ...


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