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Island Tour Racing

by shockedfrog - Competition Entry

Barely playable time trial racing game. Use up to accelerate, left and right to turn, crash three times and you're out (but you can buy extra lives and upgrades when you reach an island, for a time penalty), if you complete the three tracks then the game will quit on you because I didn't get round to coding an end screen but you can see your final time by checking the itr.log file. The game is intentionally set to use the same courses and available upgrades every time for now so that you can compare times.

Uploaded another screenshot to prove the pit islands between the courses actually exist, un-islandy as they are. :)

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

Where are the islands?

I die too fast. I can never get past the first 2 turns.

Hempuli says ...

Beat it. There isn't much here, and the game's very easy, but I guess you could create something fun onto this base. :)

Endurion says ...

Your total time was 85.786003. Congrats!

Damn, you should force the player to a short pause after dying. Right now if I die once I keep up pressed and immediately drive into the borders again.

Some fine tuning on the controls, nifty graphics and you could make this a great little game!

jfroco says ...

It's a good idea/tech demo. It reminds me of a game I programmed for the ZX81 (yes, I'm old).I think it is a good start.

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