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by jplur - Competition Entry

IslandsMUD is a multiplayer text game set on an island.

To play you must connect using telnet protocol to: 5057

in windows command prompt type 'telnet 5057'

should work fine in linux, mac might have color emulation problems.

PuTTY telnet client will not work, other 'mud clients' should work fine.

in windows vista and 7 you will have to enable the default terminal program - cotroll panel:programs:Turn Windows Features on and off

passwords are saved as plaintext in the save file, for your security don't use an important password.

When you log in, you are sort of in limbo until you move to another room, and won't be able to attack or get attacked.


it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to gain a level or two, try attacking rats and alley cats at level 1.

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Comments (archive)

Cooshinator says ...

Hey, the windows link is broken

eli says ...

Great idea! I think I went to all the places. I kept going south on the Dark Jungle path, and it seemed to lead me to the same spot.

The animals and characters seem to be there only for grinding material. Some treasure, some non-killing interaction ... etc. would be nice. I got bored of leveling up, attacked The Jplur, and I was killed.

shady1024 says ...

Great idea.

Spiridios says ...

Oops. If you see Mr. Help running around, please put him out of his misery. Hopefully the server's not toast. Had a good time looking around even though my attacks did nothing. =p

Serilyn says ...

Spiridion and I tried playing this at the same time. Neither of us had played muds before and I first tried with a weird client so we made characters named "help" "Serilyn\\n" and "" before we got logged on for real. Then we found out we couldn't fight anything. Sorry if we broke the server! =) It was fun goofing off in it though!

Endurion says ...

Nice, a bit more options than level grinding would've been nice. Some puzzles or more items.

Jonny D says ...

No instructions? It seemed that I couldn't attack the rats.

philomory says ...

Love the idea of making a MUD. Didn't have time to explore it thoroughly at the moment, but, I liked what I saw. Could have used a bit more direction for the player though; I know normally in MUDs a lot of the interaction is with the other players, but, when I tried it, no one else was connected.

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