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Hungry Hungry Castaways

by Kenny G - Competition Entry

Your ship has crashed on an island. You and your crew have been deserted and isolated from society. You must collect food to keep everyone alive. How long can you survive?

Written in C++ using Visual Studio 2008, SDL and SDL_image.
All graphics made in MS Paint.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...


I'll miss you forever, Frank!

triplefox says ...

Match-3 never felt so "life-or-death" before. I played longer than I thought I would, mostly to see if I could actually get a good result. Finally got one after cracking open the code and seeing that it requires 2500 points on day 1.

Something that bugs me though is that it should become easier to survive as more people starve :/

KavuDX says ...

When the instructions came up I had a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT idea of what the game would be, and was a bit disappointed when I saw that it was some kind of Match-3, but it ended up beeing really fun, and I kept playing for a while.

Good Point: The drag and select mechanic was very creative!
Bad Point: No sound besides the cries of help from my crew inside of my head.

zdanielz says ...

The game was a lot of fun, not sure about the theme use, but I played it and enjoyed.

fydo says ...

I liked the drag-to-select feature.
Also, any game with beards is OK in my book! :)

eli says ...

I'm on the same page as Kavu. It feels like the instructions are for a different game.

It was very addictive, but I realized I just wasn't getting any better at it, so I stopped.

xeon06 says ...

Great interpretation of the theme.

Endurion says ...

Neat :) It uses the same mechanic I have in a never finished game of mine. Dangerously addictive.
Polish'er up and add music/sound!

jovoc says ...

I like that you tried to put a twist on this type of matching game but unfortunately I think the changes to the formula detract from the gameplay. Why make the user drag over each tile instead of just selecting all adjacent foodstuffs? And not sure what you gain making R and D manual operations.

The theme worked surprisingly well here. It really added humor and narrative to the game. Esp. like the bugs. Ewww. Overall fun but gameplay a little odd.

Hempuli says ...

Addicting, but quite far from the theme, I think.

philomory says ...

Interesting core mechanic; Some extra status info would be good, but overall I liked it. Addicting enough that I played for quite a while.

IK1985 says ...

not a bad little game, i agree with a lot of the comments that it could of done with some sound, apart from that it was really good.

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