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    Ludum Dare 16

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    CollabRL - sinoth - Competition Entry

    CollabRL is an attempt to make a multiplayer roguelike in which the players can edit the world around them. I didn't get as fancy edit controls as I would have liked, but you can at least walk around and 'drop' letters on the ground which other players see immediately.

    Technically this was a very difficult project for me.. I had to learn threading (mutexes and condition variables yay) as well as proper asynchronous transfer with sockets. I also used sqlite as a database system for storing map information which had a bit of a learning curve, but ended up working very well.

    Language used: C++
    Libraries used:
    libtcod --- for input and display
    sqlite --- for storing map information
    win-pthreads --- for thread trickery
    zlib --- for network compression

    Arrow keys - move
    Any letter - drop that letter on the ground for others to see

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    Comments (archive)

    jplur says ...

    Well I couldn't connect but I like the idea, although it would be nice if the characters had some meaning in the game, rather than just text to look at.

    Covenant says ...

    Same here...

    Wiering says ...

    It connected fine, but then I couldn't do anything, just one @ on the screen that wouldn't do anything.

    localcoder says ...

    This worked for me for a while and then stopped.

    Although this is not really playable as a game, I did have fun drawing 'fan art' for the games I judged yesterday and having little exchanges with someone who was on at the same time.

    SonnyBone says ...

    This is rad.

    Undead3 says ...

    At first I thought it wasn't about exploration, but as soon as I entered I changed my mind. This is explorer-created content.

    Hempuli says ...

    I really like the concept!

    increpare says ...

    more fun than I had anticipated : )

    SpaceManiac says ...

    Wow, so much fun, but it had trouble when I had to walk places. Slow download I suppose?

    TenjouUtena says ...

    A nice text based collabrative workspace. If it had some rules for the world it would be nifty.

    sirGustav says ...

    interesting idea

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