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Ancient Technology

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Apocalypse Adventure

by Hempuli - Competition Entry

Apocalypse Adventure is a Fallout-esque top-down adventure game where the player takes the role of a guy whose airplane has wrecked onto a post-apocalyptic desert. You should find a new airplane or something similar to get away. The game features AMAZING fighting, SMEXY item-collecting and AWSUM map. Also 2 endings.

It's recommended that you read the tutorial carefully.

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

Genius, Hempuli. Genius.

mocker says ...

very well put together

Codexus says ...

Really nice and ambitious. The controls seem overly complicated for no reason (some actions left click, some right click).

SonnyBone says ...

This is really, really, really, really awesome. This does NOT feel like a 48 hour game at all. Good work all around. All it needs is a song / ambient audio to make it really shine. GOOD WORK!

madk says ...

The idea was good, but the combat is horribly unbalanced. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't get even one of the jewels due to the insane difficulty of the enemies.

philomory says ...

The comparison to fallout is apt; like fallout, this game is awesome. The one problem is that you have to start over every time you die, from scratch. That, and the control scheme is pretty awkward, making it easy to die a lot. But it's still a load of fun, and one of the more impressive games I've seen so far. Kudos!

NiallM says ...

Very impressive. There's an awful lot of stuff for a game put together in 48 hours.

Draknek says ...

Minor gripes: the control system takes some getting used to, and it's annoying how the HUD covers up exits consistently.

Would be nice if you didn't die so easily, but other than that it's excellent.

grayger says ...

Maps are well designed but control wich left/right click is a little confusing.

recursor says ...

Me like. Me like alot! Where is the source?

dertom says ...

Very very good job

Entar says ...

Excellent job for only having 48 hours to work on it! I liked the explosion and splatter animations, and the rest of the game looked pretty professional, cool stuff. Needs music though.

TenjouUtena says ...

Awesome game to be had here.

Cosr says ...

Very impressive. However the controls are fairly awkward...for the most part one mouse button would have sufficed for all actions. It also would have been nice to be able to drink while in the wilderness.

gimblll says ...

Really hard. Awkward controls, I never know what I should click and when. Nice amount of content done in such a short time.

localcoder says ...

Pretty cool. Very unforgiving with its permanent death but maybe that fits the setting. I tried many times, and died in a lot of different places :)

5parrowhawk says ...

I like it, but it's really hard AND unforgiving. Died a few times (note to self: don't bring a pistol to a machine-gun fight) and gave up. This is so big it really doesn't feel like a 48-hour game at all. It feels like it could have been a commercial shareware release from the mid '80s, before development budgets swelled to ridiculous levels. Kudos!

DrPetter says ...

Fun. Difficult but reset is quick and friendly enough that it doesn't get completely discouraging. I'm a bit crap at it though, and can't figure out how to make considerable progress... Controls are smooth. My brother played this for almost an hour.

sf17k says ...

man! I played for a looong time cuz I thought I could win... I got 5/8 crystals and had almost no health and a guy machinegunned me just before I could kill him. I wish I could beat it but it's unforgiving! all supplies are sparse and it can be hard to tell where to use them without trial and error (I almost wonder if this would've worked better as a linear game). but those aren't necessarily bad things, because they adds to the intense gotta-survive feel of it. I still totally loved it

I can't really ask you to do extensive playtesting, tweaking, and balancing in 48 hours, after all. I give my highest approval.

increpare says ...

I find this realllly punishing

hazman says ...

Fun game. Lots to it. Controls are a bit complicated.

Morre says ...

Really solid entry. Good fun to play, nice graphical style, and lots of content. It's pretty hard, though. :)

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