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Ancient Technology

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by angrywaffle - Competition Entry

Well, it's not quite what I was hoping for, but I was able to get it to a more or less playable state, so here's the LD16 version of "Ruins".

Art took a back seat to code at the end, so just try to imagine those brown slabs as wild boars...

Since the game wound up being about collecting gems, I threw in a Mochi leader board just for fun.

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Comments (archive)

Sos says ...

A game that's fun to play without graphics is a good game.

refrag says ...

Good core gameplay. This could turn into a really good side-scroller. "UP" for jump really confused me as I'm used to Flixl games using "x" for jump.

Draknek says ...

Faster movement would be nice. Other than that, good work.

Minor bug: if you restart the game before the leader board shows up, you have to navigate it with an invisible mouse and the game doesn't pause. But thinking about it, a very similar problem exists in my game too, so I can't be too annoyed by it.

SonnyBone says ...

I agree with the other statements. You have a good core mechanic. Now you just have to expand on the visuals a bit and add some music. The vine cutting part is awesome.

Frimkron says ...

A really nice game. I feel that the world-map mechanic and the hidden areas fit well with the exploration theme. One minor bug with your platform logic: I can air-jump by walking off a platform and hitting the jump key during the fall.

C418 says ...

Yeah, this is okay. Could be a nice game, if finished.

Entar says ...

Decent game, but there's not enough health to pickup. Also, is it just me, or are there multiple items that don't seem to do anything?

Hempuli says ...

There are some nice touches with the interactions, such as the player being able to shake trees!

philomory says ...

This has the makings of something absolutely fantastic. Really, please, please keep working on this. As it stands, it's obviously somewhat rough; in particular, more readily available healing would help a LOT (or, when you die, you have to start the current room over, not the whole game). But really, this is heading somewhere awesome.

matrin says ...

These box place holders are way funny. :) It would have been hilarious, if the tiles were also made in this stile.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Nice platform. Few things like this restart/leader-board/hidden mouse make it little bit annoying but still good.

dertom says ...

Yeah nice...!You got the gameplay I would love to have in my platformer! Good Job...

ippa says ...

good core mechanics.. I liked how you found the door behind the bush :). obviously needs some more gfx ;)

sf17k says ...

hella hard! short recovery time and really rare healthups made me give up after I died. visuals were no problem for me, sound was nicely appropriate... maybe if you could run like twice as fast then dying wouldn't be such a big deal

chuchino says ...

I like how quick and responsive the machete attack feels. Cutting through vines was a nice addition too, it doesn't add much to the gameplay but it's just cool cutting through them to reach hidden doors and stuff. Pretty fun game overall.

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