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    Ludum Dare 16

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    Heartiac Arrest - Maple - Competition Entry

    Game made with Game maker.
    Font made with fontstruct.
    Sounds made with SFXR.

    Based in the human Circulatory system. Save your dying heart by collecting HEART PIECES! Added to the mix, your Heart will experience a Heart Attack in 2 minutes. Gaining a Heart Piece will relieve the tension a further 2 minutes. After all 4 Heart Pieces are obtained, your heart has been saved, and you can thank Mr Parasite :3

    I advise the game is unzipped before playing. Also play some music in the background as i did'nt get to make any for the game whatsoever.

    Controls: Arrow keys to move,Press L to load. Press Down on a save statue to save, press Esc to escape. Press F4 to switch between Fullscreen or Windowed. Press F9 to take a Screenshot (all Screenshots are saved to the root folder of the game).

    Oh, and by the way, if anyone liked that font i made and used in my game, you can download that at http://host-a.net/Maple/shaft.zip

    The download button is at the top left. Enjoy!

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    Comments (archive)

    AtkinsSJ says ...

    I kept getting stuck between screens. :(

    SonnyBone says ...

    I hope you can get this fixed because it's way rad... although a tad difficult.

    localcoder says ...

    Visually, I love it. The pink things coming through the walls, the motions of the spikes, the pool of red... it's great.

    I did not like the difficulty. I found it very frustrating when I climbed up a ladder and accidentally jumped at the top, hitting spinners, or when I jumped up out of one screen into another and hit a spinner above me - some people like that kind of challenge but to me it feels like the game is being cheap.

    Sometimes it's hard to tell how hard your own games are so maybe try watching someone play and see where they die the most and make those bits easier - at least at the start.

    I played up until I got one heart segment, but couldn't take any more. I'm sure people who enjoy very hard games will get a kick out of this, though, and However, I think the art style is unique and very creative.

    Cosr says ...

    The controls can be really annoying when you keep accidentally jumping when you reach the top of a ladder. A separate button to jump rather than the same one as up/climb would have been good. And it's not nice when you need future knowledge to dodge an obstacle that you'll hit unless you enter the next screen in a specific way (you jump up to see what's in the next screen and die). Especially when it means redoing other frustrating sections.
    There can be a fine line between being hard and challenging and just outright aggravating, and I think this game plays both sides.

    hubol says ...

    A rather strange game. That save image doesn't really match up to the style of the game that much though. I like that death screen, by the way.

    Hempuli says ...

    It was hard; but some of the addicting nature was lost to the clumsy keys. The game also loaded long times when I moved between screens.

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