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by C418 - Competition Entry

3 Hours before the end of Ludum Dare, I call my game finished.

It's very experimental and I believe a lot of people won't get it. Would I have two more days, I think I could get rid of the "don't get it" part, but I don't care about such things anymore! My game is finished! I'm happy!

Please try it out! Oh, and get some headphones for this.

(Messy source included with game)

Some people have been asking. There are 8 Endings in total.
You don't have to always go the same way.

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Comments (archive)

AtkinsSJ says ...

Very interesting. Can't think what else to say, really!

Selkie says ...

Wow, a very original idea! It's exploration, but not in the visual way. You made it incredible! The music is fantastic. I found two endings!

SonnyBone says ...

This is a cool little experience. The audio is TOP NOTCH, as it should be. Good implementation of theme!

recursor says ...

This was refreshing. I can just imagine what may be done with this given more time...

refrag says ...

Excellent use of audio and minimalistic graphics.

Morre says ...

Five stars for audio from me - I really like it. I like the visuals as well, very nicely styled minimalistic graphics.
The game itself doesn't feel all that much like a game.

Risko says ...

I like this game! And it remains me, how much atmosphere i have lost by not being able to add music and sfx in my game... are there just two endings or more?

wonderwhy-er says ...

Concept is shore interesting.
Not shore game play is tough. Passed it in two ways. Not shore there are others and not shore sounds are that expressive on where you should go. May be it would have been better if there were 3 buttons. 2 for turning right or left and two for going in current direction + going somewhere and turning changing direction from which sounds go.
Or my be I do not get it...

Codexus says ...

Original idea and good use of a minimalistic approach. The sounds are great!

TenjouUtena says ...

Very compelling. Interesting use of sound. Interesting experimental game concept. I'd like a little more feedback as to how much I'm supposed to change directions, or what input are required from me. I got 2 different endings, anyway.

Maple says ...

Ive played a game like this before somewhere....But this was better :D

hubol says ...

A very simple idea. Though I don't like not having a sort of character visible onscreen, but I guess this is just what the game is meant to be like.

I like those sounds/music! Really nice!

increpare says ...

I liked this.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I *love* the idea here, and hope you continue to pursue this... I think you could end up with something really incredible. As it stands, very nice prototype. Will definitely pop open your source code at some point, as I'm interested in exactly what going on down there. I'm curious: did you have any particular inspiration(s) for this? In any case, kudos.

PS: You mentioned that you were having trouble finishing 5 Colors: Pandora, and I just wanted to let you know that I now have a walkthrough up.

Hexane says ...

Interesting, I... don't even know what to say other than that.

Hempuli says ...

Interesting... Definitely interesting.

gimblll says ...

Very good audio, otherwise I don't really get it, sorry. Is there game in there or is it just a multiple choise experience?

sinoth says ...

Beautiful audio! The transitions between 'stages' were a little jarring. I would have liked more interactivity.

dertom says ...

Cool sounds...

sf17k says ...

I got death first time :O how did it know

Cosr says ...

A very interesting game. Definitely something different. Would be nice if the different audio sections flowed into one another, but the audio really is great.

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