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    Ludum Dare 16

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    Missing - 10Print - Competition Entry

    After surviving a horrific plane crash, explore a beautiful tropical island in search of berries. Perhaps they will lead you home.

    Was originally going to be a survival focused roguelike, so the island is procedurally generated each time you play. There was going to be a strong focus on finding food/water, which became the game's objective (explore the island / find all the berries) when I ran out of time.

    All things considered, though, it was a wonderful experience! Hope you enjoy.

    Timelapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt08k8TJOto

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    Comments (archive)

    Codexus says ...

    The intro is awesome! funny, simple and quick. i like it

    Draknek says ...

    You've posted the Windows exe download on your blog, but not here. And you could make it clear that the source download is also a .love file for those with LOVE.

    The intro with voice acting was nice; the game itself just a bit disappointing.

    C418 says ...

    Oh god what was that. A plane crash and then taking drugs. Stop making depressing games.

    eli says ...

    I really want to play this, but it runs way too slow on my comp =( I loved the intro. Great sounds too.

    recursor says ...

    Verrry nice intro.

    philomory says ...

    The audio in this is made of win. Really funny stuff. Also, the animation before the game is pretty awesome. The game could use a bit more to do, and also, the map could do with some improvement, but if you made a 'full' game in this style, I'd play from start to finish.

    Hempuli says ...

    It was rather simple; and somehow the loading time was really long on my computer. Nice try though.

    SonnyBone says ...



    This was refreshing. Thanks.

    Sos says ...

    berries :0 om nom nom:) voice acting, hell yeah!

    dertom says ...

    Very very cool Music,...

    sf17k says ...

    a plane crash and then taking drugs. we need more games like this.

    increpare says ...


    chuchino says ...

    Loved the ending.

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