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Leaving Satisfactoria

by eli - Competition Entry

EDIT 14.12.2009 - Just pointing out that while I probably have a number of bugs, the "auto-thrust & limit rotation" mode is not one of them. It is by design.

EDIT 14.12.2009 - added windows exe (finally got pygame2exe working). No content has been added, but the font size changed a bit.

This is the first game I have ever completed.

I wanted to break the normal "exploration" mold, where the goal is to uncover every single square on a map. The following elements were under focus:

* A conscious decision to depart from a comfortable space (leaving home)
* The one-way journey, leading your exploration far from the comfort zone
* Accepting the danger before you

The actual "exploration" probably occurs after the end of the game. You will most likely have to play a few times before reaching all points on the field, this is by design.

The entire game was built on Pygame. You will need Pygame installed and working to play.

A very special thanks goes out to Wolfgang, without whom I might not have stuck with it to the end.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

This game doesn't work very well. I can't turn at all once I leave the circle and when I get hit, I just stay as an explosion and drift for eternity. You may have some bugs.

nitram_cero says ...

Side by side error, couldn't run it :/

C418 says ...

I never got past the asteroids. Man, fucking asteroids.

localcoder says ...

Congratulations on your first LD!

I like the comments from the inhabitants of Satisfactoria and the player ship as it ventures forth.

The rotation limiting was fine once I realised what was happening, but before then it was very confusing - it just seemed like my ship suddenly lost the ability to turn. Some kind of feedback to let the player know what has happened would be helpful.

The endings were a bit disappointing. (I enjoyed the first one I found, but then the others all seemed the same.)

Still, it was an interesting experience and conveyed its message well.

jplur says ...

Great job for your first game. You really put some thought into the idea of exploration. I would of liked a bit more variety on the endings.

TenjouUtena says ...

Eh. I'm very meh on this game. I don't really feel that me winning was a product of my inputs, and more a product of not having the wrong rocks spawn.

KungPhoo says ...

Hm. Very strange game. When you fly to 10 o clock direction, there will soon just be stars. The game is very short. I think. I mean, it says "go,go,go" and "let's go", but I fear there's nothing more to see.
Nice gfx, smooth background. Keep on coding.

sinoth says ...

Great first attempt! Kudos on sticking with it to the end.. that is the hardest part ;) The concept behind the game is great, but the execution doesn't do it justice. I hope to see your future LD entries!

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