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Robot Wants Kitty - Hamumu - Competition Entry

This is Robot Wants Kitty, the story of a robot who wants a kitty. It's a flash game, so play it in your handy dandy browser. Made with Flixel. Instructions are on the play page.

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Comments (archive)

recursor says ...

This is the first one I've looked at... and it's very good. Who would've thought of robots and cats (you must watch Star Trek TNG) - very funny. I need to go to bed, but ... must ... obtain ... kitty! I will have that cat. Oh yes, I will!

Blackduck says ...

Fun & simple game. Managed to get that cat eventually :P.

Wiering says ...

Well done! It took a while, but I got the cat!

AtkinsSJ says ...

Very nice. I found I could really empathise with the robot's desire for a kitty.

Stalker_23b says ...

My robot have the cat! Actually, this is first game here i have played to end ) Very good.

KungPhoo says ...

German keybaords are qwertZ. Please fix it, so we can jump with Y, too. Totally unplayable, else.

A true winner, though. This game is really awesome. It's nice how you put so much details and gameplay into 48 hours. TOP!

(Being a fan of "Robot finds Kitten", ( you could have implemented entpy boxes to search, instead of only one cat.

Arne says ...

Pretty neat. I like the robot character, and how he's stretching out his little arms (making a 'want' gesture). it would've been nice with one or two more tiles to make the later areas more recognizable (I tend to get lost in these things).

ianh says ...

Amazing level design!

wonderwhy-er says ...

Checkpoints would be cool as after some time it gets repetitive getting from level start to the end.
Not innovative but I like graphics and overall content.

increpare says ...

see i really enjoyed this. accidentally closed the tab i was playing it in though, before I had finished. not toooo inclined to play it through to that point again (though I might : ) )

Selkie says ...

I finished it! Fresh, cute and funny, nice game!

Hempuli says ...

Even though it was slightly monotonous, I enjoyed it a lot! And even beat it!

Codexus says ...

Nice little game, I couldn't figure out what to do next after a while but I enjoyed it to that point. I like how the powers are introduced one by one.
Missing jumps can be a little frustrating after a while.

philomory says ...

An excellent if rather simple MetroidVania game. I had a good deal of fun playing it, though the controls sometimes crapped out on me (that may have been this machine and flash's fault, not yours, though).

Overman says ...

The controls are a little messed up - the ingame screen and the directions beneath say different things. Overall the game was too repetitive to be fun - to much going back and forth, and too annoying to restart. Not my favorite.

TenjouUtena says ...

Okay. I'm obviously not hardcore, but I gave up after the blind jump part. Too much random. The controls feel a bit mushy to me, not very responsive, and the one jump (you know the one) is a touch too picky. Also 5 shots is too many. :)

Still, a very cute and fun game. My wife: "Oh! How Cute!"

C418 says ...

It's good. Looking for powerups and platformers has something magical.

DrPetter says ...

Had a few evil spots that almost made me want to give up, but it was always quick enough to get back there from respawn that I kept trying until I made it. The gun upgrade should probably have come sooner, or you could have added an intermediate gun. Putting 30 enemies in a room and having each one take 5 hits is just grindy.
Side note: Last compo I was thinking of making a game like this next time, being inspired by lexaloffle's entry. I still might. Despite being a tired old formula by now, the concept does work quite well.

Atomic says ...

Best game I've played so far. Physics work well, level design rocks and I really love those "crabs". My only complaint is about the dash jump controls, they don't work sometimes.

localcoder says ...

I like the way the robot moves.

Whenever I died, I could always find my way back to where I wanted to be without any trouble. I think that shows that the level layout was well designed.

My only criticism is that the final powerup didn't get much use. It feels a bit anticlimatic after having to master the other powers.

matrin says ...

Wow this game is awesome. It could use some check points, it was frustrating when you'd die and had to traverse half of the level.

SonnyBone says ...


This is a funny little game. The mechanics work very well and the visuals are appealing. Good work!

Undead3 says ...

Nicely balanced. The only irritating moment was flying over the green acid.

dock says ...

Really polished for a ludumdare piece. I love the contrast between the environment and the enemies/kitty.

5parrowhawk says ...

Would have been nice to get more use out of the air dash. Still, this is really good.

Also, I suspect I have been playing too many artgames - was waiting for the other shoe to drop and the game to announce "Robot has genocided two peaceful races of acid-based lifeforms in its quest for kitty."

Entar says ...

Woo, I got kitty! Pretty nice how the player gets a new ability to play with every once in a while. Could use some more background graphics, and maybe music, but otherwise pretty nice.

dertom says ...

Well, very good gameplay! Here we see all of your experiences with all that cool different addons...good job! keep on rocking...

hazman says ...

I like that you can see the objective straight away. I think that's why I couldn't stop playing it til I got the cat.

Doches says ...

Brilliant, and pretty much par for the Hamumu course. Could you possibly let us down? Do you even have it in you?

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