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by DrPetter - Competition Entry

Mr Chopface explores an unknown sister planet of Krypton.

Walk with arrow keys. Quit with Escape.

Enjoy the spastic musagi squeals if you can.


I was initially going to make some tiny crappy flash game, but then I got the stupid idea that something in 3D would be fun. Not so when you only have a handful of hours to work on it and every possible thing ends up causing trouble. Also I'm very tired.
As a positive twist I actually managed to optimize some stuff so that it will run at near 60 fps on my system, as opposed to the slideshow I was getting earlier. Hopefully it will on others' too. Frameskipping doesn't work well since most of the time is spent with hit checks against a bazillion triangles in the level mesh.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...


Your camera system works better than some of the crap I see in big budget console games. Good work!

Stalker_23b says ...

Very good character and map, but thats it )

C418 says ...

Not much there, but I guess this could have been cool.

AtkinsSJ says ...

It's a shame there isn't more game here - as SonnyBone said, the camera's not bad. However, ouch, the sounds! I don't know if it's my computer playing up, but they're cracklebuzzalicious.
EDIT: I listened to the sound file... yeah, it's my system.

Hempuli says ...

Hmm. There seems to be something with the graphics - the character is black and I can see only plan green background. I can move around fine, though.

Codexus says ...

That little character is awesome!

QOGQOG says ...

Nice graphics, but clearly not finished.

dertom says ...

A very cool character...

TenjouUtena says ...

He animates well!

Sos says ...

I wwanted to explore some more, but it's too slow on me...

NiallM says ...

There may not really be anything to do, but that wee guy was great. And I loved the music, together with the landscape it felt like I was in a videogame version of The Clangers ( ).

Entar says ...

That was... weird.

Atomic says ...

Not much of a game but I like the character and procedural animation. The "music" is very annoying.

increpare says ...

sounds did hurt my ears, but it's good to see you're making progress on your tools. animation impressed me.

Morre says ...

Cute character, and excellent sounds. Not much of a game, as you no doubt already know. :)

sinoth says ...

Nice smooth animation. The musagi tune was a bit much though :[

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