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Hot Dog Hunter

by Henry McLaughlin - Competition Entry

This is (Or will be!) a game about a fox in a hot dog storage facility. The facility is guarded by dogs that the player will have to sneak past.

As the player, your mission is to locate the hot dog motherlode, a supply so massive, it could feed all foxkind for decades. Yes, hot dogs. A resource more precious than gold...

Once you have located the mother lode, you are to report back to base. When you have left the building, an escort team will take you the rest of the way.

In the storage facility, there are numerous guard dogs. Big, mean, stupid guard dogs that will chase you down and kill you on sight. You can't outrun them, they're too fast. You can only keep them off your tail for so long.

You're much, much more agile, though. You can dodge around quickly. If you're spotted, I'd advise you to put as many obstacles between you and the dog who saw you as you can, as quickly as you can.

You can also sneak by them. While these dim-witted bullies can barely breathe without making noise, you are able to be completely silent. Well, until you start running, anyway.

You only have so much stamina, so you'll need to rest now and then. You'll also need to eat hot dogs to keep your strength up. Don't worry, humans vastly underestimate the value of hot dogs, and have left them laying around, trusting that their precious guard dogs won't eat them.

We don't know anything about the facility, other than the fact that the objective is somewhere within. We can only guess what kind of mad labyrinth the humans have built.

Good luck, and be careful.

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Comments (archive)

Mark Overmars says ...

I was going to rate, since I noticed this hasn't been reviewed yet, but then I noticed that you provided the Python source... I can't play this, sorry.

jplur says ...

Ha, nice movement controls. Better luck next time!

hubol says ...

I'm sure you can make an executable out of this, otherwise, a lot of people won't be able to play.

SonnyBone says ...

I also can't play because of no EXE.

bentosmile says ...

I'm going to join the can't play this without an exe corner. :( Sorry!

TenjouUtena says ...

It's there. That's about all I can say.

matrin says ...

Too bad, this could have been a fun game, the controls sure are.

Wiering says ...

Please provide an executable.

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