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Finding Her

by nitram_cero - Competition Entry

(The game was made in Flash and should run almost anywhere without problems)

You wake up dreaming of her...

While exploring the cavern searching for this girl
you start exploring deeper into the inhabitant's lives,
asking questions that will help you find her.

Can you do it?

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

I like how the story gets explained through those little boxes

SonnyBone says ...

I enjoyed this. I just wish I knew what the heck happened at the end. lol

I'm afraid that if I play it again, I'll get the same result. :(

Wiering says ...

The first time I played I had no idea that you could press Space, since it only said arrows move.

matrin says ...

Hard to understand the story.

philomory says ...

This was a very good game, I played enough to find one ending, and I fully intend to come back and find the second ending later.

My only suggestion, is that it might be interesting to add some platforming elements, to give the player a challenge as they uncover the story. Just a thought.

Cosr says ...

This was great. I like how the story is really left to the player to figure out, though I admit I'm a little lost on it. I guess I rushed through it to fast without thinking. I'll definitely sit down with it again sometime and try to find all it has to offer. The protagonist manages to be quite expressive.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

Nice work. I really like the idea here, though it was a bit hard to figure out exactly what was going on story-wise (even though your little icons are great)... It would be nice to maybe have some indication if someone has new information to offer. I think spicing up the environment a bit wouldn't hurt, though that's not a criticism, as I'm well aware of the constraints that 48 hours create :). I liked the visuals, and your soundtrack was nice too. Oh, and so far I've played through to one ending (talked to the red guy, and the protagonist walked away sad). Definitely interested to see where this goes!

(Oh, and PS, I have a walkthrough up for 5 Colors now, and a new, less buggy build -- your input's always valued.)

Sos says ...

I am a nice person :) You have to pay attention to follow the story, but the story is great :)

increpare says ...

I don't think I really understood the story at all, if there was a story to be understood. As an experience, I think once I got over resenting you for the amount of backtracking that seemed to be required, I enjoyed it. There were several good moments of tension in it, for me.

Hempuli says ...

This was really interesting! The distances could be a bit shorter, because there isn't anyway anything interesting in moving around in a mostly-empty world ;)

Risko says ...

Great game (as expected ;) ) -- i like the most music, graphics and story (in this order). Have found just one ending, but i didn't really notice it. Maybe some music, small animation, or some other remarkable thing would make it a bit stronger. But it was still highly valuable time, i think i will play it again, mainly for listening to the main theme music. And the small creatures are very cute (also easy to expect after your last LD game ;) )

2 things that could have been better: Maybe i didn't understand the story well enought, but i had problem to find out whom to ask to get some clue to go further, doing this a bit cleaner would let me think that i'm the one playing, not just following the order you wanted me to follow.
Second thing is that you have maybe forgotten to include something like FlxG.followBounds(0, 0, mapWidth, MapHeight) or have done the map a bit to small, but i didn't like to see beyond the tiles on the borders of the map.

But still a lot of stuff for 48 hours -- one can see, that you have a lot of stuff already mastered, so it goes much faster. Beeing able to see the sources would be nice, but i understand, if you don't want to make them public.

TenjouUtena says ...

Fun, atmospheric. I couldn't bring myself to finish. I was slightly annoyed at finding out you had to repeatedly ask people about new tokens. Other then that, very fun.

DrPetter says ...

Interesting minimal dialog system. Cumbersome movement. Annoying uneventful backtracking (add stuff to kill?)

Entar says ...

Not quite sure I understand it completely, but it has a nice style and some potential here.

madk says ...

This was a beautiful experience. That poor black thing that was guarding the game to the graveyard. My eyes watered then. The only thing I think could have been improved would be to make backtracking just a little less tedious.

sinoth says ...

I love the concept but the backtracking is too much. I played through twice, trying to find the second (better?) ending but couldn't. Dialog system needs more focus.. maybe better tracking of multiple timelines. Good potential here.

sirGustav says ...

maybe I am stupid but I couldn't find out how to find the person to talk to to give me another clue so basically I flew around and talked to everyone and it got harder every time a new ghost was introduced and I eventually gave up

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