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The First Frontier

by Redbone - Competition Entry

You will need to install the font included in the zip file.

To Download, right click > save as.

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Comments (archive)

Blackduck says ...

Quite a hard game... you either die because you spent your time getting to the boss, or you die because you rushed through everything. Either make the levels shorter or put less bullets.

SonnyBone says ...

WHOA! I remember you saying in the IRC that you couldn't even defeat your own boss. Did you ever manage to kill him? I sure as hell can't!

The controls are really smooth and the aliens are funny looking (in a good way, of course).

I suggest some type of respawn system so we don't have to start over after getting murderlized, and a different sound effect for shooting.

I had fun playing this!

philomory says ...

I had fun playing this game. Mind, I had more fun just flying around dodging shots and seeing how far I could fly than I did trying to kill the boss or get a high score, but fun is fun. I found that the control scheme made it incredibly painful to try and shoot anything when using a laptop trackpad. It may be easier with a real mouse. In particular, I found that when I right-clicked to try and shoot the boss, I did shoot him (once), but then immediately crashed into him and died. I tend to prefer WASD to move, mouse to shoot, or vice versa, for games where both moves and shots need to be aimed.

Wiering says ...

Please don't redefine standard Windows keys like Alt-F4, especially if you also remove the close button from the window.

Hempuli says ...

Haha, that low-hp noise is classy!

sinoth says ...

As mentioned earlier, disabling ALT-F4 and removing the close button is a no-no. Also, assuming players will install a font is a little unrealistic. The layer of static stars and layer of moving stars made me a little nauseous. It was also pretty hard to move quickly since the mouse wasn't confined to the window. Despite this I still had fun, I am a sucker for any kind of SHMUP ;)

cptalbertwesker says ...

fun little game, didnt realise there was a boss, so I didn't see much of a means to an end for the game, i felt the mapping of the controls was a little odd, it made it impossible for me to move out of the way of enemy fire while firing at the same time, very good effort for gm though

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