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Explore that map!

by doohan - Competition Entry

The aim of this game is to fly around and not die really. Collect keys so that you can pass through the electric fence things. If you have the matching key, you can pass safely, if not it'll hurt and repel you.

Since I decided to have a go at using groovy for this, you'll need to have at least Java 1.6.10 installed.

Keys are WASD. Thanks for looking!

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Comments (archive)

Blackduck says ...

Fun game and all. Sometimes the "turrets" shoot some super fast bullets at you. Not sure if that's intentional, but it sure is hard to dodge!

SonnyBone says ...

I dig the soothing/ambient feel of this. I feel like a little Metroid scooting around.

I also encountered the SUPER FAST bullets that couldn't be dodged... and that 'death trap' room is killer.

I encountered a glitch when going up a narrow corridor with those little planes moving back and forth. I was hugging the wall and I was able to bounce out of the level when transitioning to the next room. Then, when I picked up the next key, it froze and made a hilarious sound.

C418 says ...


Hempuli says ...

Couldn't get it to work. Darn, I would've wanted to play this!

TenjouUtena says ...

So I think I got to the end, and it's a death room? Other then that, awesome game. It would be nice if it started you at last collected key instead of at the start, I would have actually played through again if it hadn't done that. Love the graphics. Love the music. The sfx aren't great, but they work.

PsySal says ...

Hmn, I couldn't get thru the purple door even though I had the purple key. Cool enough game but not incredibly interesting. I really liked the music in it, added a lot. The turrets shoot too fast when you are directly over them, which is an interesting mechanic but it feels too buggy. Their firing rate also feels too high. Cool game though, something like a metroidvania with vector spaceships!

matrin says ...

The control felt really stiff and unresponsive. The graphics are beautiful.

ippa says ...

The jar-file is misspelled in start.bat! After fixing that i got it to work. Nice ambient music, decent vector-moody gfx and ok gameplay.

The controls/movement felt slightly odd, not sure exactly why :). It crashed for me when collecting the yellow key though :..

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