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Gratuitous Battles in Space

by 5parrowhawk - Competition Entry

Requires XNA redistributables - see my site at for details. Will only run well if you have a super overpowered machine, because I didn't test large-scale fights until it was too late ><

Build a fleet, explore the star cluster, and find the aliens - before they find you. The whole game can be controlled using the mouse. Spacebar pauses the game - you can issue orders while paused (theoretically).

To colonize new planets, you need to move a colony ship to the little circle above the planet, then click the "Colonize" button (which only appears when the colony ship is the only thing you have selected).

This is pretty incomplete, but I ran out of time.

Thanks. I'll remember to upload the source code before judging is over. The source code for my pre-prepared library is already on my compo webpage.
As for the models, they were done in Milkshape - took about 5 hours. I wasted a lot of time (1 hour) on UVW mapping because my texture map was laid out in a stupid way, but after that I just kept cloning the same blocks and re-arranging them into a unique silhouette for each subsequent ship so I didn't have to do any more mapping.
The game actually contains models for 4 more alien ships, and textures for 2 space monsters (Space Crystal and Space Mushroom), which I didn't have time to implement.

Sorry, I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you. Utena's entry uses XNA with VS2.0 and PS2.0, same as mine (AFAICR), so if that one works then this one should too. :(

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

Crashes on startup for me every time. :(

TenjouUtena says ...

Your game is basically as described. Incomplete, and suffers from some performance issues. The ships are pretty.. What did you use to model them? Also, XNA 4 EVAR! I would very much like to see your Source Code sometime too, please!

(Note, if it crashes on start-up, ensure that you have the XNA Framework version 3.1 and .NET Framework 3.5 installed. The games don't actually Check for these things, so.. :( )

C418 says ...

Good one. It feels like you put more time in in than just two days, even if it is incomplete.

Ashera says ...

Neat little game. Definitely incomplete, but it seems like you have a solid base to complete it. I want to see it finished.

localcoder says ...

Very ambitious, and you've managed to complete something quite cool even though it's less than you planned.

The alien attack wiped out almost all of my ships and started spinning merrily around my homeworld. I rebuilt my forces on the border worlds and came back to fight them off. When there were only a few left, the framerate became acceptable and I could watch the battles. That was cool.

Cosr says ...

I bet the fights would look really cool, but the lag made it hard to watch. Could be fun with some improvement.

Hamumu says ...

Even after installing the XNA junk for another entry, crash on startup.

dertom says ...

worked for me quite well, are really good. Steering works also quite well. I know that it is lots of work to get this like this working
Good work...

Sos says ...

Too choppy on me :( but working, can't say much more tho

Hempuli says ...

Couldn't get it to work. :(
Looks amazing!

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