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For Queen and Country

by NiallM - Competition Entry

A turn-based 4-person strategy game. The aim is to explore the entire island while doing your best to obstruct the other players from doing the same.

I'm afraid the CPU players are a bit stupid. You'll probably have more fun playing against real people.

[edit]Sorry, my site's just gone past its bandwidth limit, so it'll be down till the new year. In the mean time, the windows version is on mediafire.[/edit]

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

It's actually quite fun. I might try it with humans.
The sound is incredibly good, but I don't think it fits.

jplur says ...

Yeah this was great. I won against the ai, but only by 1 turn. (but I was figuring out the rules as I went along). I'll have to play some humans sometime. Love the boardgame style and the graphics. The sound fx were good, the music could have been a little better, maybe a more subtle song.

crackerblocks says ...

I like this. Solid board game idea. Needs a way to see what the other players have explored. Hard to strategize otherwise. And the random amount when foraging seems slightly unbalancing.

Cosr says ...

Pretty cool. It's quick and simple, yet fun.

SonnyBone says ...

I've been wanting to play this since your first screenshot post. I have yet to play with a friend, but this is a great concept. I won by accident on my first try, then read the instructions and figured out how to play very quickly. It looks and sounds nice, too. GOOD WORK!

Hempuli says ...

I guess this uses OpenGL 2.0? Somehow it bugs on my computer ;( I was really waiting to get to play this!

ippa says ...

not my favorite genre but seems well done. Even some music :).. though it sounded like it was something (slightly) wrong with the playback on my vista machine.

matrin says ...

Didn't quite understand the gameplay, had fun with it anyway.

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