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by gimblll - Competition Entry

My game is called Tree, and you have to explore what to do to it. :) I guess every game in existence fits the theme if you think about it.

Anyway, my original idea was to make a the tree a "tree of life"/paradise kind of thing and have the explorer raze it (i.e. by anything you do, harms the tree and the less you ended up harming it, the better you did). It doesn't sound exactly fun, but that was the idea. Kind of like reversing the exploration theme. And it was supposed to be a bit more adveturish with supporting characters and dialog, but time didn't allow. (And my pixel art skills didn't either, that's why there's a "robot" as a character, not anything that would make sense.)

The final version is not really super fun or anything, but I'm pretty happy with what I could achieve this time around. It could use much more work on the moving and digging etc., but what 48h game doesn't. If I had more time, I would've made the goals more clear and added lot more to do (achievements etc. too), now it's quite an empty/pointless place.

Tech: Tried to go with flash+flixel, but soon it came apparent that you can really do just one time of a game with flixel, so this is all custom as3. The crappy graphics were done with Paint.Net, Flash CS4 and Corel Painter 11. Sounds sfxr, of course. I wish I could do music, it would've given the game a much better ambience.

But anyway, that's it, try it out and leave comments. Thanks.

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Comments (archive)

KungPhoo says ...

I wanted to drop this after I started, because the controls are a bit hard. It took me a while to get that you can jump+dig at the same time, which does not work always. (timing required). Then I died and saw something with "pacifist robots", which made me nosy and so I played a 2nd time. It's definitely a nice game. Some more elements would not hurt, though IMO. (Beetle bugs to fight, or some story mode where you have to bring items to/from other persons.)

Hempuli says ...

The controls were indeed tad unintuitive.

increpare says ...

i hopped about for a bit before noticing the 'drill' key. then i drilled about for a bit, got me some fruit. then my juice ran out. I thought the main dude had character.

philomory says ...

The basic idea is neat, though I couldn't find, more than one of the endings. I like the graphics a lot, increpare has it dead on saying it has 'character'. The controls weren't the smoothest I could wish for, but all in all it's pretty fun. Some more obvious goals at the start would have been nice.

C418 says ...

After you get used to the controls, which was pretty quickly in my case, this is a really calming game.

Risko says ...

Nice game, i needed some time to get used to it. Without the main screen i wouldn't play it more than twice, because i had a feeling that there really goes just for that to live as long as possible. But even with the screen i was able to pay attention just that long, to be able to be a nectar friend and has no idea what to do to get the next ones, so i ended there. So sorry for not playing your game to the end and rating it, but this was that long as it made me at least some fun.
And not to forget -- like that handdrawn-like graphics.

Wiering says ...

At first I went to the right and came to the Win screen. Then I collected some fruit and then it said out of juice. Then I noticed the health bar and I think I collected all the fruit but I'm not sure.

Entar says ...

I liked the art style, though it seemed like the items and player didn't quite match. That has potential. Could use some more interesting gameplay though.

TenjouUtena says ...

A great concept! I don't think the fruit gives you quite enough juice. Unless this is a whole zen thing about how inaction is the best policy. But the gameplay was very innovative and different!

matrin says ...

Definitely my favourite submission. Wonderful art, simple gameplay, simple controls.

dertom says ...

Funny game! Good job

SonnyBone says ...

The controls are actually very easy and intuitive. You just hold the spacebar while moving. It would've been nice, however, to allow you to dig UP rather then JUMP while digging. I played and played and played but never reached any sort of goal, then I ran out of juice and it said 'WIN'. I'm not sure what that means. lol

I had fun playing this.

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