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by sf17k - Competition Entry

explore america to find meaning in your life while listening to feedback

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SonnyBone says ...


I think this little game speaks volumes about a very specific aspect of human life, but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS.

But I don't care. I thought it was a rad little experience. Thanks.

KungPhoo says ...

Dude, that sound made my ears bleed.
The map is huge. It's amazing. Really, that map is great. If only there was some kind of interaction or... "game", it had the potential for a winner. But running around, searching "nothing special" is a bit too little for me.

philomory says ...

The huge map is neat! The game became much easier once I saw the single grey pixel in the center of the screen and realized that it was 'me' and that the reason I was getting stuck was because the pixel was bumping into things :-p

The music is pretty ear-hurty, though I appreciate the effect being aimed for. If it tended a little bit more towards the 'drone' and less towards the 'squeal', it would have gotten more points.

I got stuck at one point, near the broken road, and could no longer move in any direction. Alas.

AtkinsSJ says ...

This game should be used by psychologists - get people to play it and ask them what it means, I reckon it'd say a lot about them.

For me, it was loneliness, I think.

crackerblocks says ...

love the sound design. even the squealing. it provides a counter point to the drone.

matrin says ...

Interesting. Would have been epic with some pretty graphics (maybe I don't get it).

C418 says ...

I dunno. It doesn't really have a message, and the music doesn't help me either.

Wiering says ...

A speed-up key would have been nice. In the end I think I fell off the bridge.

TenjouUtena says ...

I'm not sure this actually says anything.

Codexus says ...

Mmmm, somebody wasn't really motivated last week-end...

Hempuli says ...

Somehow, I enjoyed the walk.

ippa says ...

At first I thought "this seems crappy ;)".. After 20 seconds I realized I was the little dot. then I started exploring. Then I got stuck on the broken bridge... dot wouldn't move.

I gave it another shot, I actually thought about the initial messages and tried to find a "way out".

If it's something I've learned from testing LD-games is to be patient, don't dismiss anything just cause it looks odd to you in the beginning, which this game did :).

The noise sound-music really adds to the, almost apocalyptic mood. The simple gfx works. I found myself enjoying exploring the map, being happy when I found a 1-pixel hole in a barrier.. (though that wasn't it). I followed the entire screen around the edges, then started exploring the middle.. I couldn't find the end though : Try my game, and leave a tip in my comment section ;).

cptalbertwesker says ...

I didnt realise I was a dot as another comment has said, I can't see this dot at all, not sure if I am just blind, interesting concept, and mix of music

Cosr says ...

A cool experience and I found that somehow the audio really added to it. It would be nice if the your little dot was easier to see.

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