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Topsy Turvy

by Draknek - Competition Entry

This is a one-button game with two actions:
When you PRESS any key you jump.
When you LET GO of the button you use your special power.

There are 32 collectables hidden about in nooks and crannies. Some of them are very hard to get!

Get them all to make it onto the Hall of Fame. Are YOU up to the challenge?

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Comments (archive)

Diet Chugg says ...

I like the effect of the course changing as you press the button. Sound effects are fitting. Wish there would of been music however.

jplur says ...

Ha, this is great! I got 19 of the data cores. Really hard to get some of them. Congratulations!

recursor says ...

Now that is truly a brain-bending experience, and definitely a unique game play idea.

SonnyBone says ...

WHOA! I really enjoyed playing this. I was confused at first, but it all became very intuitive. GREAT JOB!

crackerblocks says ...

great concept, but now my brain hurts.

C418 says ...

Damn, this is confusing.

Wiering says ...

Very hard.

matrin says ...

Hard game, good buy frustrating.

Entar says ...

Crazy, I love the idea! It's difficult, could maybe use a little polish and slow it down a smidge, but it's a great start.

dock says ...

Really innovative take on the theme! I was having a lot of fun, but I managed to get entirely stuck at one point in the level. I love the art style and the flipping animations.

Hempuli says ...

One can argue whether this goes under the theme, but the quality sure was high! Couldn't beat it though.

gimblll says ...

Really really hard.

KungPhoo says ...

Wow, great idea. The problem is, that it's much too hard, because it's just too fast. If it was slower and would, say, inidcate a "you're using special power XY now" icon to add a small delay, it might be less confusing. I don't know. A shame that it's soo hard.

localcoder says ...

Cool. The graphics are simple but they show everything clearly. The transition effects make it easy to understand how each new power works.

Having a power that changes is an interesting take on one-button controls that I haven't seen before - I liked it.

increpare says ...

hah; that worked pretty well actually - took me a little while to figure things out

hazman says ...

Looks cool. Good concept. Bit annoying to play.

arzi says ...

I think it was a bit too frustrating, very confusing, and the special power didn't seem very consistent (it didn't launch every time I let go of the button).

Doches says ...

This is intense, and clever, and (frankly) excruciating to play. I really, really want to like it -- but it's so damned hard!

Great stuff here, though. Great stuff.

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